Lubnaig hoggansfield loch

Loch Lubnaig & Hoggansfield Loch. My first blog.

Loch Lubnaig and Hoggansfield Loch. These were two places that I visited today, in Scotland, with my boyfriend.

My name is Charlene McElhinney. I am completely new to blogging. I am 19 years old; throughout my life I have always kept a journal in which I religiously keep up to date. So I thought, why not do an online journal and share my experiences in the form of online blogging?

As this is my first blog, and I haven’t done much research on other people’s yet (or the type of things they write about) then I will keep it very simple.

I’d like to put into words what a wonderful day I had:

Recently, which I shall write about at a later date, I haven’t been leaving my house very often. If I do leave my home, I usually do the same things time and time again. For a 19 year old girl, you would think this is rather abnormal. A 19 year old is at the prime of their life and have the whole world ahead of them, right? But I don’t see it that way. It takes a great deal for me to come out of my comfort zone (which is my bedroom) and to be in an environment where there are unknown places and unfamiliar faces. I can’t really explain why I am like this as I haven’t always been this way. At 19 years old, that is how I am now. However, today my boyfriend took me out a drive and we aimed to go towards the more scenic parts of Scotland. It was truly magnificent. I adore and appreciate every minute of just being out ‘a run’ in the car. In a way, I’m still confined to a small space in which I am comfortable, perhaps that is why I enjoy it so much. Nevertheless, it’s a day out for me. I take in every moment and I am grateful to be surrounded by such beautiful scenery: the extrordinary hills, the sheep and the cows, the incredible greenery that seems never ending, the sky, everything – it’s perfect. I am in awe of it. Scotland is such a beautiful country; a tranquil, peaceful place in which I am proud to have been born and lived in. For someone who restricts themself to four walls frequently; it’s an astounding feeling to be out appreciating the world and seeing life for what it is – something else.

I can’t describe the sensational feeling I felt as I stood beside the loch on a pebbled beach and just gazed out in the water. I felt so free; I felt reflective. I decided I wanted to share these incredible moments with other people – not just my journal. So here I am.

Starting an online blog is always something that has crossed my mind and I aim to do it as regularly as possible. I want to write about everything and anything. I want to be open, honest and most importantly – myself. I want to be myself throughout all of my blogs; just like in my journals.

I’ll finish my first blog off with a couple of photographs from my ‘day out’ at Loch Lubnaig and Hoggansfield Loch.

Charlene McElhinney.  4th of October, Sunday, 18:07.

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