A blog definition and Underwear!

It’s been almost two full days since I wrote my first blog. I’ve had some incredibly supportive feedback from my close friends and family – it’s been heartening. It’s wonderful, and crazy, to think people are actually interested in reading about my life. I’ve been told people are looking forward to reading what I blog about next. That’s just it. I’m not entirely sure what I plan on blogging about. So, I’ve decided to google the definition of ‘blog’ and I am going to take it from there: “A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.” and “Add new material to or regularly update a blog.”

There it is – the definition of a blog. As I stated in my first post, I am determined to be myself throughout all of my blogs. I want to be as honest and as true to myself as I possibly can be. Since my first post, I had a quick browse online to see what other people’s thoughts were on how to ‘write a blog’. To be brutally honest, I haven’t listened to any of it. I’ve decided, as a fresh and new blogger, to just be myself and let the words and topics come naturally. Although, I find the definition of ‘blog’ on google extremely encouraging and appropriate. I think that will stick in my mind as I continue my journey in blogging.

This morning, I’d like to discuss underwear. As ridiculous as it sounds; I feel it is a very important aspect of everyone’s life and yet something that we don’t often think about. The reason behind me wanting to randomly write about underwear is because yesterday I purchased some new lingerie. It’s surprising how much it makes you feel completely better about yourself and uplifts and boosts your mood exceedingly. Not to mention – your confidence. I have a daily struggle of feeling comfortable in my own skin and having faith in myself. Yet, buying myself some new underwear totally made me feel better and a bit more enthusiastic about myself. I’m forever picking myself up new pants, thongs and ‘bits and bobs’. I think nothing of it; I shove them in the drawer with the rest of my collection. It doesn’t excite me or make me feel great. However, yesterday I went out with the intention, ‘I am going to treat myself’. I then went and got my breast size measured (which is NOT a bad experience – many people seem to think it is) followed by me browsing and looking through different stores to buy myself some new things.

Personally, my preference when it comes to ‘underwear’ is thongs – without a doubt. I just find them so much more comfortable. I highly recommend the store ‘Primark’ for it’s thongs (that has nothing to do with the stereotypical cheap prices that they have however I am a total and complete bargain hunter). I never leave Primark without a pair of knickers. Never. I absolutely adore lace and mesh; those are my two favourites. Moreover, I want to recommend something that is the absolute pinnacle of underwear shopping and even getting ready in the morning: matching underwear. Indefinitely. Matching underwear is essential for making you feel one million times better about yourself. I honestly could not stress that enough. I realise buying matching underwear sets continuously can be rather extortionate, alternatively, go to Primark and purchase many different styles of black and white knickers as you can and mix and match! Black and white go with just about anything; and it also means you can mix things up a bit and you are not wearing the exact same sets all of the time. I can guarantee, if you start making more effort to have matching underwear, then you will feel a lot sexier and better about yourself when you stand in front of the mirror. Or maybe not. It’s just a personal opinion and a propitious tip from me to you!

On that note, I’m going to leave a few photographs, that I took early bells this morning, at the bottom of this blog consisting of a few purchases I made yesterday. I hope that this blog has been efficient for those of you who were looking forward to my next blog; here it is. Enjoy!

Charlene McElhinney, 6th of October, 10:17am.


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