Chinese Munchy Box.

All I have seen on social media for the past week is status’ and photographs of the new ‘Chinese Munchy Box’ that has apparently just been brought out. It’s crazy to think it has taken so long for them to introduce this to the menu. Also, I’ve heard that many radio stations have been discussing it too. As my boyfriend loves Chinese food; we decided to get one of these notorious munchy boxes to see what all the fuss was about.

Personally, when it comes to takeaways, I’m a pizza lover. I’m crazy about pizza. On the other hand, it was nice to have a Chinese for a change. I’m a terribly fussy eater – and I actually don’t like chicken (which the majority of the munchy box consisted of) – but I have to say the chips were absolutely out of this world. Phenomenal. They really were. The chips were coated in a salt and chilli batter, or something, and they were just so delicious! I’ve never had chips like it. I basically just ate the chips and dipped them into the curry sauce and let my boyfriend demolish the rest. There was still plenty left at the end too. You definitely get your money’s worth. 

On behalf of people who love chicken and Chinese food; I thought a blog about the Chinese munchy box was necessary. Although, I reckon in about a year’s time that these will be the norm and everywhere will be selling them. At the moment, it’s difficult to find somewhere that does. The place that I purchased mine from wasn’t local and my boyfriend had to drive us there (he was more than happy to do so as he was  really excited about trying it). As a result, he was pleased with his meal and highly recommends it. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. 

They are highly popular at the moment. The Chinese takeaway we were at had about 20 orders and pick ups for a munchy box whilst we waited on ours. It’s pandemonium. Just think, in a years time, we will all probably think nothing of it. But for now, everyone should at least try it! 

Here’s a photo of ours! 

Charlene McElhinney.  9th of October.  19:44 


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