Leggings and Concert Tickets.

It’s been one whole week since I started my blog. Four posts I’ve done already. I’m thoroughly enjoying it so far. The main reason I started a blog was because I haven’t been keeping very well recently (which is a whole other post in itself) and writing is the only way I can express myself – sometimes it feels better just to get things out. 

Today my main topic of choice to write about is going to be leggings. Out of all the clothes I own – which is absolutely heaps – leggings are always my favourite choice. I feel most comfortable when I am wearing leggings. You can dress them up; you can dress them down. They are just wonderful. Today, I purchased a few pairs out of the store Forever21. I was very impressed with the prices. They also offer a variety of flamboyant colours – and the basics. To be honest, I don’t think there was a colour they didn’t have. For the bargain price, it’s well worth picking up a few pairs. Whilst I’m on the topic of bargains and Forever21; I also noticed in the store that they sell ideal cami tops (which were also as cheap as chips). They had a vast amount of vest tops – again in so many different colours. I was in heaven. When it comes to basics, I am in my element. So I picked up a few of those too. You can’t go wrong with vest tops. It’s always convenient to have them in your wardrobe. I’ll post a photo at the end of my blog of a few of the tops I picked up – feel free to comment.  

Another subject that I would like to write about today is ‘concerts’. Now, I’ve never been to an actual concert, I’ve been to a festival before. It’s my friends birthday coming up and she wanted us to do something different together. Recently, I haven’t been keeping very well, as I mentioned earlier. I don’t leave the house much. If I do, it’s usually the same things that I do regularly. A routine. A comfort zone. That’s what my life consists of at the moment. However, my friend is marvellous and I know she misses the outgoing me that I once was. I wanted to do something with her that she would appreciate and thoroughly enjoy – and that’s just it – a concert. She has never been to a concert either; this should be adventurous. I hope that we don’t lose one another! When she asked me to go; I couldn’t let her down. I feel like I let her down all the time – doing the same, ordinary things constantly. We are 19 years old, she is my best friend, and I don’t go out with her. We went out more when I was underage. Ha! So we are going to see ‘Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike’ on the 23rd of October – this month! I’m totally buzzing, excited, ecstatic even. On the other hand, I’m nervous, anxious and extremely worried. I think into things too much. I overthink about thinking. I list all the negative things that could possibly happen in my head and put doubts there that really shouldn’t even cross my mind. But that’s just me. That’s how I am now. I’m trying to accept it and embrace it.  I’m going to a concert, with my closest friend. Yes, I will be in an unknown environment. Yes, I’ll be in amongst a crowd of people whom I’ve never seen in my life. Yes, it’ll be pandemonium. But I’ll also be drunk. That’ll hopefully make the situation a  lot easier for me. It’ll placate me and help me to feel more at ease. I want to enjoy my night with her and create memories that we can cherish for a life time! The friend that I’m going with is wonderful and I shall write about her at a later date. 

Concerts? I cannot give my opinion on them just yet as I haven’t been. But once I have – I’ll be sure to do a blog all about it. 

Charlene McElhinney.  12th of October 2015.   18:26pm 


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