Some facts about me.

This morning, I was up at 06:30am and I started writing a blog post. It was really deep, intense and I was pouring my heart and soul into it. Next thing I knew, it had vanished. Just like that. I was absolutely gutted. As a result, I lost my motivation for the day and decided not to do a blog. 

After a few hours, I got over it. However I am not going to do this post about what I’d planned on writing about earlier today. I guess I would need to be in a certain mood to want to open up about that particular topic. I shall get round to it at later date; when the time is right. 

Just the other day, I made a Twitter account for my blogs. If you have Twitter, and would be interested in following me on it to keep up to date with my blogs, then you can follow me on @blogabtnothing1. I do have a personal Twitter account too which is just my name; likewise with Instagram. 

Seeing as I have only done 5 posts so far on my blog, I am going to use this opportunity to say a bit more about myself. Nothing too exciting or interesting – just some random facts. So, here we go:

– I have a cat, Gizmo, which I spend a crazy amount of time with. I believe my cat has bits of my personality in him due to spending so much time with me. Perhaps not. But I really believe so. 
– I have a boyfriend, Alastair, who is 4 and a half years older than me. We were friends for a while before we became a couple. He is wonderful.
– I have a best friend, Lauren Thomson (Lozza), who is understanding and patient with me. We have been friends from our childhood, when we met at 8 years old. She’s great.
– I have two impeccable parents. My mum and dad mean so much to me. They are unique and eccentric and I love that about them. I really could not have wished for a better mother or father. I feel blessed.
– A lady who I hold closest to my heart, and whom I lost this year, is my absolutely beautiful, magnificent, hilarious, wise and perfect Gran: Mary McElhinney. Ever since I was a young girl, I idolised this lady. And I still do to this day. My heart is still breaking; not a day goes by where I do not think about her. I have a lump in my throat right now just trying to type about her. I miss her incredibly. I will write a full blog post about her when I feel more ready. I had to mention her in my ‘facts about me’ as she is one of the most important aspects of my life. God bless, my angel. 
– I have 7 tattoos, 4 of which I got underage. 
– My favourite film is ‘Braveheart’
– I have glow in the dark stars all over my bed room ceiling (I swear I’m 19 years old). I find them very therapeutic at night time. I struggle to sleep at night – I think too much – my stars on the roof give me something to look at while time passes me by.
– I took a ‘gap year’ from school and I totally lost all of my confidence and lost all of my passion for acting, music, gigging, singing and writing. My confidence was knocked extremely. I’m no longer the girl I once was. I guess she’s hiding. One day, I hope for her to come back. I want to be that confident girl again who wasn’t afraid of anything. Life itself makes me weary. It sounds mad – but it’s how it is. 
– I suffer from depression, stress and anxiety. It wasn’t something I was ever going to openly admit (as I worry far too much about what people think of me) however the only way I’ll ever overcome it is if I accept it. And that’s it. It’s a horrible, awful thing and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. There is no worse feeling than waking up in the morning, totally deflated and unmotivated, and absolutely hating yourself. However – this is something I want to talk about more at a later date. Not yet. 
– My brother and I have always been the best of friends, Aaron. We did everything together. We have a year and a bit between us. I miss him, ever so much. He has a girlfriend now, and I have a boyfriend. We have drifted apart recently. It hurts. But I know we’ll always look out for one another and do our best not to lose touch. 
– I adore drinking milk.
– Pizza is a vital part of my life. Ha ha!
– I have a teddy, Sky, whom I sleep with EVERY night. She goes everywhere with me.
– My birthday is in August. The 19th. I was born in 1996. My star sign is Leo.
– My full name is Charlene McElhinney. One positive thing I have to say about myself is; I really like my name. 

That’s all from me, today. I think I’m getting carried away. If there’s anything you want to know or ask then feel free to leave a comment. Hopefully – after reading this – you feel you know me a bit better. And I hope it wasn’t too intense. 

Much love.

Have a photo of me from today! ❤️ 

Charlene McElhinney.  16:23pm. 15th of October 2015. 


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