Bargains & A Tribute to Billy McAulay.

Saturday night. I’m having a quiet one. My boyfriend is currently in the bath so I thought I would do a quick blog. Meanwhile, consuming a few ciders. When it comes to alcohol –  I’m not a wine kind of woman. I haven’t actually ever tried wine but the smell of it just doesn’t appeal to me. I like fruit cider (for chilled out nights) and vodka (when I’m going out somewhere). So that’s what I’m up to at the moment. 

I’ve been feeling a bit fed up today. There is no specific reason as to why I’m feeling so dispirited – I just am. That happens to me sometimes. My boyfriend is extremely understanding. He knew from the minute I woke up this morning that I wasn’t going to have a jubilant or productive day. He knows me. He knew I wanted to just stay in my bedroom – my niche – all day. However, he also wanted to encourage me and give me a little push to do something fruitful and valuable with my day. He managed to get me to go out ‘a run’ in the car. It was lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed it. We also visited my Gran and Papa’s grave – which was absolutely wonderful. I took some adorable pink gems and placed them in a dish beside the gravestone and the flowers. It added personality and colour to it. My Gran would have been looking down, smiling, I just know she would. She was always grateful for anything you ever did for her – wether it be big or little. She was a wonderful woman. 
I’d like to share with you all a few bargains that I got on Friday. As I stated in my first post – I love a bargain. So, the first thing I bought was this dress: 

The cost of this dress was £2! I could not just walk past it. It’s such a convenient dress to have. It’s simple. I like it. £2. I cannot get over it. I spend that on a cider! Ha! 
Next I got these fabulous ‘jeggings’ :

£6.50 each. Brilliant. At that price –  I picked up a black, white and a blue pair. They will definitely come in handy. And at £6.50 I just had to pick them up! 

Following on from this, I happened to notice this gorgeous little peplum top:

£3 was all it cost me. It was on sale; originally it was £8. I really like this colour at the moment so I definitely could not just walk past this! I think £3 for this was a brilliant price. I can’t wait to wear it with a pair of black leggings and boots! 
Pyjamas. Likewise with underwear – it’s difficult to go out shopping and NOT come back with a new pair of pyjamas of some sort. So I picked up these:

Let me tell you – these are absolutely fantastic! Extremely comfortable! I purchased these sets for £8 each; which is actually really good. Usually I would pay £6 for a pair of pyjama bottoms – £8 for a set is pretty reasonable. 

I also picked up this little number on my travels: 

This white, ribbed, turtle neck top cost me £2. I thought that was a brilliant buy. 


£1 for two sets of tweezers. Phenomenal. I like that they have adorable little pandas on them too; it’s a great touch. 

So that was mainly all of my ‘bargains’. Those were all out of Primark. I also picked up a gorgeous, black and white striped, ribbed dress from Forever21 whilst I was out. (Well, my boyfriend treated me to this.) 

This cost £12 and I adore it. It’s my kind of thing. Definitely. With the cold weather coming in – I can’t wait to wear this with tights and boots and perhaps a leather jacket. That’s my ideal kind of dress. I fell in love with it when I saw it. I will probably hang it up in my wardrobe (with my collection of dresses which I haven’t ever worn) just to stare at it daily and admire it’s beauty. I’m always frightened to wear nice things I buy incase I ruin them. Surely I ain’t the only one?
Anyways, that’s all really from me tonight. I’m going to finish off my blog with a mention of someone very significant and dear to my local church: Billy McAulay. He passed away unexpectedly yesterday afternoon. When I heard the devastating news – I was so shocked. I feel terribly guilty as the evening before he passed, he commented on my blog post (which I had only just found the courage to share on my Facebook page) and he told me I was such a talented girl. He told me how he wanted me to get back into my guitar and singing and show off my talent. I had not yet found the chance to reply to him. Little did I know, the next day he would lose his life. It’s truly devastating. It really is. He was such a kind, helpful, genuine and down to earth man. He was young, too. I feel awful I never had the chance to reply. I never had the chance to thank him for the wonderful things he done for me – and my church – and that hurts . He was such a well liked man, very popular, and he will never be forgotten. I hope that he rests in peace. I hope that he will look down on me, and when I do find the courage to get back into my singing, he will be smiling. God bless you, Billy. 
Charlene McElhinney   20:40.  17th of October. Saturday

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