Bum bags & Bed Time

So, it’s Thursday already. This week has just flew in so far. Tomorrow is the day of the concert that I blogged about previously. I can’t believe it’s tomorrow! I’m really anxious and worried as I don’t know what to expect but I’m sure it will all be fine. I hate to admit it – I ordered one of those ‘bum-bags’ (that many girls wear on holiday or at concerts) to keep my things in. I really don’t know how I feel about it. As I’m a natural worrier, I’m worried it will look ridiculous. It just isn’t me. However it is better to be safe than sorry – that’s why I ordered it – wouldn’t want to lose my phone at my first concert. That would make a very unhappy boyfriend as it his him who took out a contract for me. Can you believe that I’m actually sitting worrying about wearing a bum-bag? What a ridiculous thing to get yourself worked up about. I’m crazy. 

This morning, I want to talk about sleep. I always dread going to my bed at night. I have extreme difficulty getting to sleep. My boyfriend falls asleep within seconds – how does he do it? He just shuts his eyes and he’s off to the land of nod. I, on the other hand, sit awake for hours, admiring my glow in the dark stars on my ceiling, and I think about absolutely everything and anything – in great depth. Why is that? Why is it, at night time, everything just decides to pop into my head and prevent me from sleeping? It’s so irritating. I’ve tried different things to try and help me. For example: distraction. Sometimes, reading a book helps as it totally absorbs me and doesn’t let my mind think about anything else apart from the words that are in front of me. Some nights, this is helpful, and I read until I’m tired and afterwards I dose off; other times I stay up very late reading, in the hope that eventually I’ll start to feel tired. But I don’t. As a result, I end up even more tired as I’ve stayed up so late – but at least I’ve kept my mind occupied from all of the worries and thoughts that usually go through my head – non stop – at night time. It’s not only evenings that I think in such depth; it is all the time. Constantly. I overthink too much. I think about thinking. But hey ho, such is life. 
There isn’t really much I wanted to write about this morning. Bum-bags and my sleeping routine (or lack of it). I think I’ve pretty much covered everything for this morning. It’s a miserable day. I don’t mind the rain; but the wind outside is atrocious! I have a couple of things to do, early bells, this morning. I’ll be leaving the house tentatively. I would much rather stay in my bed and keep warm and cosy all day. The thought of going out in that horrendous weather is just totally dispiriting. Needs must, right? Time to get up and get ready for the day ahead! 
Charlene McElhinney 22nd of October, 2015  Thursday  08:02am 


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