Sleep Deprived & Coronation Street

Last night I had a terrible sleep. I was tossing and turning for as long as I can remember. When I did, eventually, drift off to sleep; I kept finding myself having nightmares and waking myself back up again. It was oppressive. It was too much. All I wanted was to close my eyes and just sleep. That was all I wanted. 

However, although I’ve had a dreadful night and I am lacking sleep severely – I have a plan of action. I’m going to go a long walk today, saunter where my feet take me, and I’m going to try and make myself tired. The more I do; the more I’ll need the sleep. That’s my logic. It’s feasible that I’ll feel tired tonight after last nights antics anyway. Surely I won’t have to endure what I went through last night, again?
I’ve been up since 6am this morning. My boyfriend got up to leave for work. We spent some quality time together before he left. Afterwards, I settled down with my iPad and I watched Coronation Street followed by a dip into the book I am currently reading. After reading a chapter, I decided to write a blog post as it has been two days, I try my best to keep my blogging as regular as possible. I guess you could say I’ve had a productive morning, so far!
I mentioned Coronation Street earlier; I absolutely adore this soap! It is the only programme that I’ve ever religiously watched. Anyone who knows me, knows how dedicated and hooked I am to ‘Corrie’. I’ve watched it ever since I was just a young girl. I feel like I’ve gotten to know all of the characters; when one of them leaves or is written out of the programme – it affects me. Ha! I get so beat up by it. It’s pretty sad but it’s true. 
I love acting. Throughout all of my years at school, drama was a subject I held close to my heart and felt passionate about. I still do. The only problem with me now is that I haven’t got the confidence to pursue these dreams and ambitions. I used to act, confidently. I used to sing, play guitar and carry out gigs at different venues. Where is that girl now? She’s transfixed with fear. Anything out of the comfort zone makes her weary. She’s dispirited. She has no faith in herself in all aspects of her life. But she’s trying…
I’m trying. That’s all you can do. I guess you could say I ain’t trying hard enough; but I’ll get there. Slowly but surely. I’ll get there. 
It’s currently just gone 08:25am and my belly is rumbling. I’m craving a banana, I think. I guess it’s time to get up, ready and motivate myself for the day. 
Until next time! 💛


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