Photoshoot with Nicole Dick.

Happy Halloween!

I’m not doing much this year for Halloween. I’m having a quiet night in with my boyfriend, having a few ciders and a takeaway, and will probably watch some films. 
I just wanted to do a quick blog update as I felt yesterday I made great progress and a big step in the right direction to trying to boost my confidence. There’s a lovely girl that I met a couple of years ago through a mutual friend – Nicole Dick. She is studying photography at college. We have decided to work together and help each other out in our own way. She needs someone to help her confidence behind the camera and to model for her college course and I just need confidence in general. She’s a very down to earth person and I knew that she would make me feel comfortable. I met up with her yesterday and we chatted about everything – we just clicked. I was so glad as it really helped my nerves. We done a photoshoot outside with some gorgeous scenery. Nicole has plans and ideas for photo shoots in the future and I really look forward to working with her. It really helped me feel good about myself and she encouraged me the whole way through it. She was just great. I think it’s a great idea for me to do these photo shoots with her as it may help my confidence in the long run. 
I don’t have much to say at the moment, that was all really, so I will share a few of the photographs from yesterday. 
Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween! 


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