The Week Ahead

Monday morning – it’s absolutely freezing! I’m currently cuddled up with my cat (Gizmo). I’m just thinking about the week ahead. I have a few things on this week, which I am going to share with you. 

I had a quiet, lazy, weekend with my boyfriend. It was perfect. We ate loads of rubbish and chilled out all of Saturday and Sunday – it was bliss. 
Today is the 2nd of November, I have been blogging for almost one month now. It only seems like yesterday I wrote my first blog. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it. People have been so encouraging and supportive and I feel it’s really helping me. I have almost 3,000 page views already which I am extremely pleased with. So thank you! I hope people continue to read and enjoy my blogs! 
This week, my half sister is coming over to stay – for one night only – all the way from Italy! She is coming over on Tuesday, with her husband, and is leaving on Wednesday. I’m really nervous about seeing them as it has been years since we last seen one another. However I’m excited too as we have loads to catch up on! We keep in regular contact via social media so it will be lovely to speak to one another in person – finally! 
Also this week it is Lozza’s birthday, November the 5th, Guy Fawke’s night. Her mum, her mum’s friend, Lozza and I are going out for lunch and cocktails to celebrate her 19th birthday. I’m sure it will be an enjoyable and pleasant afternoon. I’m a little bit anxious about it as I have only ever been for lunch to places like McDonalds, Tesco Cafe and Weatherspoons – so new surroundings make me extremely weary. After a few cocktails, hopefully I will be alright. Afterwards, Lozza and I are going out. I’m not sure where yet. I’m a bit nervous following my panic attack at the concert last week (I think it was – I’ve totally lost track of time). It was such a frightening experience and I don’t want to go through that again. At least I know Lozza will make sure I’m alright. I’m sure everything will work out ok on the night and I will wonder why I was even worrying. 
So that’s the two main things happening this week: my big sister visiting from Italy and Lozza’s birthday. I shall be sure to update you throughout the week and let you know how both situations go. 
I hope you have a lovely week. 🙂 


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