My Sister Visiting From Italy.

Can you believe it is Wednesday already? The past few days have absolutely flew in. My sister and her husband have been and gone. It was a lovely visit! 

The crazy thing about my half sister and I is that we both share the same first name. It’s a complicated and ironic story. Anyway – there are two Charlene’s in the family – and we are sisters. It’s mental. We find it rather humorous though; whenever someone mentions our name we both reply at the same time. It used to be that we referred to my sister as ‘big Charlene’ as she was older, however now that I’m grown up, I’m actually taller than her, so it seems a bit silly calling her ‘big Charlene’ when she is actually the ‘wee one’ now. 
Charlene, and her Italian husband (Gianni), came to visit yesterday. They stayed overnight and they had to leave this afternoon. It was a short visit but it was splendid and we all thoroughly enjoyed seeing one another again. The only negative thing about the visit was that I never got any time with my sister alone. It would have been nice to have spent time together – just the two of us – for a short while, just to catch up and talk to one another properly. My sister and I chat regularly on ‘Facebook’. We talk about a variety of different things and try our best to get to know one another through social media, it was wonderful to spend some time together in person, but a bit disappointing that we never got any time on our own together for some ‘girly time’. 
We spent the night talking and laughing, basically just catching up, in the living room with dad, my mum, my brother Aaron and his girlfriend, and Lozza came down for a short while too (as she had never met my sister before). It was a quiet but pleasant night. I gave up my bed and let my sister and her husband sleep in it for the night (they appreciated my glow in the dark stars on the roof!) 
It was a shame to see them go so soon, I felt like I never got a chance to bond properly with Charlene (It feels crazy writing my own name and yet I am referring to someone else). In saying that, it was just delightful to see one another again, especially now that I am older. I had not seen my sister in years and I was much younger the last time. This time, we could talk about more things and relate to one another more, which was lovely. 
Tomorrow, is Lozza’s birthday. Her mum is taking us out for dinner and cocktails. I hope it is an enjoyable evening – I’m sure it will be. I look forward to it. (Although I am anxious about it at the same time – but when am I not?).
I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday evening and I will let you know how Lozza’s birthday celebrations go, in the next few days! 

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