Claws, Cocktails & Celebrations!

Good evening! I am just going to do a very brief blog tonight as I’m not really feeling up to writing. I’m feeling rather worked up and stressed out. I’m not entirely sure why; nothing in particular has happened. I’m just feeling a bit fed up and dispirited tonight.

However, on a more positive note, I had a lovely evening yesterday for Lozza’s birthday. Her mum took us out for dinner to a place called ‘Tony Macaroni’s – it was fabulous. I had macaroni (surprise suprise) and it was extremely delicious. I couldn’t finish it though – I was full up so quickly. Afterwards, her mum, her mum’s friend, Lozza and I visited a ‘Tiki Bar’ for some cocktails. I had one called the ‘Blue Hawaiian’ – it was lush. We all had something different and tried a sip of one another’s, it was really nice. The place was quiet and the atmosphere was comfortable – I enjoyed it there. After the Tiki Bar, the four of us ventured to another bar, a cheap bar. It was roughly about 80p for a vodka with a mixer (we were in our element!) We had several drinks there – followed by a trip to Weatherspoons. We had one drink there together; then her mum and Claire (her mum’s friend) left us to go home. Lozza and I tried a few different clubs in Glasgow before we finally felt comfortable and content. We danced together like there was no tomorrow. We had such a fun and pleasant evening and I’m sure Lozza had a wonderful birthday! I’m glad I was able to spend it with her. 

I forgot to mention, before we went out, we got our nails done (by the same lovely lady that done mine last time) and I am absolutely in awe of mine! I am so pleased with them; I feel like they totally define me. I’ll share a picture of them to end my blog! I’ll also throw in a picture of our heavenly cocktails at the Tiki Bar (the picture, however, does not do them justice)! 

That’s all from me tonight. Have a lovely weekend! 


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