The Cold & Christmas.

I’ve been putting off blogging for a few days now. It’s been roughly 5 days since I last posted a blog – I haven’t been busy; I just haven’t been feeling up to it. I don’t entirely feel up to it today either, to be honest, but I pushed myself to do a quick update as I don’t want to fall out of the habit of blogging frequently. 

My boyfriend and I have both had symptoms of the cold, over the weekend, so we just chilled all weekend and tried to relax as much as possible. A few lazy days worked wonders for him as he has made a miraculous recovery and left to go to work early bells this morning – fit and ready to sieze the day. I, on the other hand, feel like shit. My apologies for the language but it is what it is – I feel awful. The left hand side of my throat is extremely sore and irritating. Last night, I coughed up blood twice. I got a fright as I have never experienced anything like that. What did I do? The worst thing you could ever possibly do when something odd and unusual happens to you – I ‘googled’ it. Inevitably, it gave me the worst case scenario results. I’m dying, I thought. I immediately regretted googling it. Then I realised that I was probably being silly and pushed all the worrying thoughts to the back of my mind. It’s probably nothing. It’s feasibly connected to my cold-like symptoms. If it reoccurs, then I’ll worry; but for now, I think I’ll live to see another day. 
I done a great deal of reading last week – I absolutely love getting engrossed and totally absorbed in a book. It allows my mind to be preoccupied for a short while and I don’t think about anything else (other than the words that are in front of me). I feel myself getting drawn in and captured by what I’m reading. It is truly bliss. 
Moving swiftly onwards, did you know that it is 38 days until Christmas? It’s unfathomable how quickly time has flew in this year. I’m dreading it this year – it will be my first year, ever, spending Christmas Day without my Gran McElhinney. No words could possibly describe the emptiness and hurt that my family will feel on the 25th of December. We all need to stay strong and pull together for one another’s sakes. I know my Gran will be there in spirit. As I have not been excited or looking forward to Christmas this year, I’ve been going a bit over the top shopping for presents for my  boyfriend, Alastair. I’ve got him 94 presents already. I started shopping for him months and months ago; I guess it gave me something to look forward to and something to strive for. I want to make Christmas a special, memorable and pleasant day for my boyfriend – that is what my Gran would want. She would want me to smile and still celebrate the festive and significant day which is Christmas. I know, in my heart, that Christmas will never ever be the same. She will be there though – I know she will.  
I’m going to go and make myself something to eat; followed by some reading. Hopefully my sore throat goes away, I don’t cough up any more blood and I feel better throughout the week. Fingers crossed. I’ll post a couple of photographs of all the presents my boyfriend and I have got one another so far – wrapped and ready for Christmas morning – I feel like such a child again! 

These are all of the presents my boyfriend has bought me so far. I like to feel and shake them about to try and guess what they could be! It’s so tempting with them sitting beside me every day in my bedroom! 

And here are all of the gifts I have bought Alastair so far (I had to lay some out on the floor as I could not fit them all on my bed). I can not wait for him to open all of them. I have put a lot of thought into his gifts and I hope he appreciates and loves them all – I’m sure he will – he’s forever grateful for anything I ever do for him. 

My Gran will be looking down on us, overjoyed, and pleased that I have someone special and wonderful that I can share Christmas Day with. I’ll be thinking of her every single minute of the day. ❤️

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