Avril Kelly, a dear friend.

In this life, it is very seldom that you come across a genuine, wise and beautiful person. One that has a heart of gold and always endeavours to see the good in people. I know a very special lady just like that – and I’m privileged and extremely grateful to call her my dear friend – Avril Kelly. 

Avril is 75 years old (you would never believe that this lady was this age). She is independent, fit, wise and beautiful. She is truly a remarkable person. Recently, I haven’t made any time for Avril as I’ve been staying in most days; which is crazy as Avril is actually my neighbour and lives about 5 doors away from me! I met Avril a few years ago in my local Parish when I was helping out a girl (the same age as me) on her journey to becoming a Catholic. As soon as I met Avril – I loved her. She reminded me of my Gran McElhinney; I often spoke of Avril to my Gran and she was very eager to meet her. It’s such a shame that they never got to meet as I know they would have got on like a house on fire. 

Avril, like my Gran, always takes great pride in her appearance and every time I see her she looks impeccable. She always has great stories to tell and if ever I need advice, Avril provides that for me in abundance. She is such a caring and considerate lady and she would go out of her way, in any way she could, to try and help you. On numerous occasions (like today) I have been feeling down in the dumps; a visit to see Avril and just chatting with her for a couple of hours totally perks me up. It’s impossible not to smile in Avril’s company.

I could not see Avril for months at a time, yet when I see her again, we immediately pick up where we left off. I’m grateful for that. 

I think it’s important, in this day and age, that we recognise who is vital in our lives. I think it is essential that we work out who our true friends really are; and those who are not worth our time and effort. Sometimes, it could be the people that you surround yourself with that are holding you back. I’m extremely lucky that I have a wonderful family, a perfect boyfriend and some few fantastic friends. I have such a supportive group of people around me – and for that I am eternally thankful. 

I am 19 years old; one of my dearest friends is 75 years old and I met her through my local Parish. In life, you will meet people, and sometimes these people just leave their mark and have a massive impact on your life forever. Avril is an extraordinarily special lady who I will always hold close to my heart. I felt a blog post about such an incredible woman was more than necessary. She totally lifted my spirits today and made me feel worthy again. 

Love, always, to Avril Kelly. 
My sensational and special friend. 


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