Gym Induction.

Monday – the day most people dread. I actually had a rather productive day. I gave myself a big push and visited my local gym and was given an induction. 

A few years ago, I used to have a gym membership, but I avoided my induction back then and never had a clue how to work any of the machines. I guess I just used to go so I could say I went. It was pretty useless! 
It took a lot of courage for me to put myself forward for a gym induction today but I’m glad I went. The only exercise I currently do are squats and walking. That is it. Hopefully if I go to the gym now and again and work up a sweat, I’ll feel better about myself, who knows. 
I felt extremely dubious as I entered the gym (I get rather anxious around new faces and new people – not to mention the dreaded thought of anyone I know being there and spotting me). I tentatively made my way in where I found a reception. An older, friendly member of staff came over and introduced himself and said he would be taking me on my induction. That was a relief as I was really hoping it wasn’t anyone my age taking me through it. His name was Mike. He ushered me round the gym, explaining all the machines to me and giving me a short demonstration on each. After every machine, he would ask, “Would you like to try?”. Of course, I sheepishly replied “No thank you.” I was kicking myself for saying no as I knew if I ever went to the gym alone, I would worry if I was doing things right or using the machines properly. Eventually, I plucked up the courage to have a shot on some of the equipment. Mike took me round the whole place again and let me try all of the machines. I was glad I done it and super proud of myself. He was really pleased that I tried it myself and told me I had done really well. Sometimes it’s nice to receive a pat on the back! 
So, today was a pretty big deal. I don’t usually come out of my comfort zone as much as that. I had spent days worrying about this gym induction and yet everything went fine. That’s it done. I even got involved and done more than I expected to; I feel like I’ve had a really fruitful day and I’m really pleased with myself for going along and doing it. 

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