Cleaning & Chilling

I’ve had a really pleasant day so far. I’m currently writing this blog as I soak in the bath. I’m just going to tell you about my day and my plans for the weekend which consists of literally nothing. Bliss.

Today my boyfriend and I have spent hours having a clear out in my bedroom. I’m a terrible hoarder and I like to keep and collect everything; I’m not an untidy person though, everything is boxed, organised and put away. However my boyfriend made me realise today that I don’t need the majority of these things and so he helped me go through everything and work out what I actually need. We have put lots of things online to sell so hopefully we will make something out of it all. It was a very long task but I’m extremely glad I done it – now I have lots more space for the things I actually do need and use on a daily basis. 
I’m currently lying in a somewhat extravagant ‘bubble bath’. Whilst Alastair (my boyfriend) and I were clearing out my room, we came across a huge box of lots of lotions and potions that I’ve never even opened or used. You know what it’s like – people buying you gift sets at birthdays and Christmas etc – I seem to have just collected all of these things over the years. So I thought, why not put all these things to use? As I ran my bath, I emptied bottle upon bottle of different scented gels, lotions, creams and goodness knows what else into my water, so it’s a bit eccentric, but it’s nice.

I plan to have a quiet weekend in with my boyfriend. We have bought lots of food to indulge in over the weekend. Infact, we just had pizza there and it was absolutely delicious. I love pizza. On Tuesday, it will be my boyfriend and I’s year anniversary of being together. He’s got the day off work on Monday and Tuesday; I don’t know what we are doing for it yet (if anything) but it will be nice to spend the day together. So it’s a long weekend for us! 

I’ve had a few ideas of things I would like to blog about, so I’ll hopefully get round to that soon. I have to be in a certain mood sometimes to allow myself to write. I often wonder if other people wished I would blog about something in particular – I’m interested and open to any suggestions people might have. 

Anyway, I’m off to enjoy my ‘experimental’ bath. I’ll be as fresh as a daisy when I get out. I can’t wait to get all cosy in my pyjamas afterwards; the simple things in life! 

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