It’s been a few days since I done a blog post, I just haven’t been in the mood to write. However, I didn’t want to put it off any longer. So here I am.

I want to firstly share with you what a wonderful day I had for my boyfriend and I’s year anniversary; I’ll just give you a brief update on what we got up to (missing out a few details here and there and sparing you the intimate details). We exchanged gifts and presented one another with an anniversary card – which was lovely – and then we lay around in bed for a bit (he had took the day off, he was entitled to it). Afterwards, we got up, showered and dressed and attempted to discuss what we were going to do for the day. Inevitably, I was getting all worked up and anxious, leaving my bedroom is a pretty big deal for me. In saying that, it was something I was determined to do for my boyfriend and I; I wanted to go out and celebrate our special day together. In the end, we decided to go to the cinema. The screen we were ushered to was extremely quiet. Apart from one other family sitting a few rows in front of us, we were the only ones there. I relaxed a lot more knowing this. After the cinema we made our way back to mine – back to the safe haven that is my bedroom. We had a wonderful evening together. It went in so quickly; I was gutted for it to be over.
Another thing I want to write about today is bargains. I am an absolute bargain  hunter. I always seem to find excellent quality items for an incredible price – online and in stores! I always receive compliments on clothes and jewellery that I wear and people are taken aback when I tell them how little I paid for it. I’m not ashamed of a bargain, why would you be? Many of the items I purchase online (at a bargain price) are the exact same quality of those in stores at my local centre – except they are double the price in these places. I assure you – I would not wear something that was flimsy and rubbish quality. Recently, I’ve invested in quite a few bargains and I’ve actually gone on to sell these items for double and triple the price. I’ve received positive feedback from the buyers telling me how pleased they are with their purchase – so everybody is happy. I’m going to share a photo of a beautiful set of boots I purchased for £5. They are super comfy and I’ve actually seen pairs – just like it – in my local stores for £20 and over. It’s just craziness. 
The other day, my friend and I, were in a store to pick up a few Christmas bits and bobs for our families; I ended up leaving with a cute jumper for myself at £5, a yellow basic top with sleeves (for the gym) at £2 and a beautiful bodycon black and white stripped turtle neck top for £4. Everywhere I go, I always seem to find a bargain. Once I’m fed up with my clothes, I sell them online and let someone else get the wear out of them and I spend that money buying myself more clothes – it’s a vicious circle – but a very fun and exciting one. 
Budgeting and bargain hunting are two things I am exceedingly good at. I plan on blogging more frequently about these two things. I began Christmas shopping just after summer and I am very prepared this year. I still haven’t wrote my Christmas cards out yet though which is highly unusual for me; usually by now I would have them wrote out and sent away. I think perhaps I’ll make a point at doing that tomorrow. 
That’s all from me today, I’ll share that photo of the boots for you all! 


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