Waist Training


Today I want to briefly discuss a thing people know as “waist training”. Constantly, on social media, celebrities and bloggers and many other people (who are jumping on the bandwagon) have been posting photos in waist trainers and claiming that they are amazing. I thought I would purchase one and see what all the fuss is about.
I am currently only a size 8 so I’m not doing this as a weight loss strategy or anything like that; I guess I’m just curious. I already have a little waist but I just wondered if this thing does actually do anything to your body after wearing it for a certain length of time. Then I will recommend wether or not I think it is beneficial. 
So, day 1 of waist training. Well, not really. It just arrived in the post today and I’m actually going to go for a bath soon – so it will need to come off. However I will let you know if I think I see any difference in the next few weeks and wether these things live up to the hype. The one that I ordered is black mesh and fits pretty snug; so far I’m actually finding it comfortable (well as comfortable as it can be really).
I’m aware that these things aren’t magic, you have to put something in to get something out, don’t you? So I will be wearing my waist trainer when I excersise and if I am going out a walk anywhere. I will also be taking breaks from wearing it too – I don’t want to over do it – I imagine that isn’t good for your body. I just want to reinforce that I’m doing this clearly out of curiousity and also for the fact that I would really like to blog about it and share my thoughts and opinions on waist training with those who, like me, are curious or have maybe been thinking about trying it themselves. 
I’m going to share a photo of me right now with mine on (it isn’t a great photo – but you get the idea). 


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