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Good morning! 

I’m currently aching all over as I must have over done it at the gym yesterday. My friend Megan and I were given a tour of what they call the ‘function room’. Chris, a member of staff at the gym, demonstrated how to use the facilities in the room and also showed us what exercises to do; then Megan and I gave it a bash. We had a great laugh throughout this as most of this was totally new to us and it took us a few failed attempts to understand how to carry out these exercises properly. It was a rather productive afternoon – I’m sore all over so I’m hoping I must have done something right. 
While I’m on the topic of fitness, and the like, I’ll just give you an update on how the ‘waist training’ is going. So far so good. I’m liking it. I’m just getting used to wearing it now so I don’t really notice it’s there most of the time. The waist trainer, likewise with a bra, has the little hooks that you can alter the tightness; if you have it on the first hook then it will be looser than having it on the third hook  – you can definitely feel the difference. On my first night of sleeping with it on, I felt it was a bit restrictive. I guess I just wasn’t used to sleeping with something like that on. After a couple of nights though it’s not so bad – you just get used to it. It’s like anything you aren’t used to, it just takes time to adjust. I will let you know if the waist trainer is effective and if it does actually do anything to your body once (and if) I notice any results. 
Another thing I wanted to touch on in my blog today was removing acrylic nails. Oh my goodness. It is one of the most difficult and infuriating tasks I have ever endured. I don’t think I actually done it right and I made it more difficult for myself, I realise that now, I should have googled it beforehand. I’ve really hurt all of my fingernails so I’m giving false nails a break for a bit to let them heal. My hands feel so much less feminine without them though. To remove the acrylic nails, I began with filling up a tub of acetone and steeping my finger tips in it for a bit. Every so often I would check on them and it looked like I was making progress but to no avail. So, silly me, decided to try another tactic: just bite at the nails and hope that they will come off. Big mistake. Every time I tried to bite the acrylic nail off; I almost took my own nail off with it. To be candid, it was extremely sore, so I don’t recommend it. Next, I brought out a nail file. I was filing away at the nails, bearing the pain, hoping that this would be the answer to all of my problems. This also failed. After an hour (or two, possibly three) I managed to get them partially off and get my own nails looking reasonably presentable. I think next time I will just leave it to the lady who actually does my nails for me to remove them. That was a nightmare.
We are getting closer to Christmas and I’m really struggling to come to terms with the fact my beautiful Gran McElhinney will not be with us – for the first time in my entire life. My whole family are missing her extremely and it’s having a profound affect on all of us. It’s going to be a heartbreaking day. 
Whilst I’m on the topic of Christmas, I had an epiphany whilst writing out my Christmas cards this year, I really have nobody to write them to. Previously, I’ve been at school or working in a place filled with people or something of the like; this year I bought lots of cards and only managed to write about 7/8. Even if I did write cards to people that I occasionally speak to on social media – I never see them – therefore I wouldn’t have the chance to actually give them it. It’s really dispiriting and sad for me. Every year, writing Christmas cards is one of the things I look forward to most. I always take great pleasure in handing them out (always early) and sharing the Christmas spirit. I guess this year I’m just missing that. 
Just the other night, I was really struggling to sleep. I was trying to but my head was doing overtime and I couldn’t stop thinking about everything and anything. After a few hours, I decided to take a sleeping tablet. I’ve always been apprehensive about taking one but I felt I really needed one at this moment in time. My boyfriend told me I was asking him if the paper chains on the roof were moving and I kept randomly sitting up and staring at things – he told me it was freaky and he doesn’t want me taking them again – he said it was like I was possessed or something. I can’t remember, all I remember is that I had a decent sleep that night, apart from waking up a little bit drousy. 
My blog today has consisted of a little bit of everything really. It’s been a bit random but I just thought I would keep you all in the loop of what I’ve been up to. 
Have a good day! 

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