eBay Selling and A Big Thank You

Hello, wonderful people. I just thought that I would do a quick blog post as I always like to write on a Monday to kickstart my week. 

Firstly, I would like to say a massive thank you to all of the overwhelming support and encouragement in my previous post. I was not expecting the reaction that I received; I felt so privileged that people had taken the time to read my blog, comment and even send me private messages which were absolutely beautiful. I received almost 1,000 views on my “Some people never change” blog post and that, in itself, was a marvellous achievement for me. I received messages from people who are going through a similar situation as me, thanking me, and telling me how much comfort they have took from reading my words. I’m absolutely flabbergasted (the only word I can think of to try and describe the emotion I am feeling) that I have managed to help people just purely from speaking my mind. I will continue to write my blog posts and I am always open to any suggestions people may have, if they want me to write about something in particular. Thank you so much everyone for being so kind. 
Something I wanted to touch on today is selling on eBay. I want to do another post in the future focusing on only this but I just wanted to briefly mention it as I’m sure, especially at this time of year, it is something that many of us would find useful. I was rather dubious about eBay when I first began selling. A few of the thoughts I had were: If I need to pay eBay fees, is it worth my while? Do I need to pay the postage? What if someone isn’t satisfied with what they buy from me? I’m sure everyone has had the same thought process when they began selling on eBay. It actually took me quite a while to get used to it. At first, I was auctioning off my things and not charging enough for postage and on a few occasions, I found myself out of pocket. It’s like anything in life that is new to you; If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again. So I did. I had to – I have far too many things lying around my bedroom that I definitely do not need and that I never plan on using. I find that eBay is a fantastic way to get rid of your old things; someone else’s junk is often someone else’s treasure. I’ve found myself selling things that I actually considered binning and I have received positive feedback from the buyer, thanking me, it’s lovely to hear that someone else revels in something I no longer thought was of worth. Many people use eBay for different things: business sellers, collectors, online shoppers, private sellers, bargain hunters (like myself) etc. Selling on eBay makes a great pass time and it is also very enjoyable when you get into it. I also find it very exciting when I auction off my things and people start bidding on it – but there are other options where people can buy your things for a fixed price right away. I plan on writing a full blog post, at a later date, with tips and thoughts on eBay selling (and buying)! It’s just something I wanted to briefly touch on; especially as it’s coming up to Christmas! 
That’s all I really wanted to share with you all tonight – I’m away to enjoy a Chinese takeaway with my boyfriend. I can’t wait, my belly is rumbling, I haven’t ate a thing today. I’m so hungry! 


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