Writing Helps

I received a message yesterday asking “Do you think writing helps?” My answer is yes. I have a passion for writing and I find it the best way to express myself. However, even for someone who doesn’t entirely enjoy writing, I would still recommend it. 

For those of you who struggle to sleep at night due to over-thinking, something you could try is writing, to get whatever is on your mind out of there. Any piece of paper you can find, start jotting down notes of all the things that are bothering you, or stressing you. Once you are finished, throw that piece of paper away. Forget about it. Nobody has to see it. You may be amazed at how this little task can help you sleep. It feels as though a massive weight has been lifted off of your chest. It doesn’t work for everybody (it certainly no longer works for me) but at one time it did. I currently struggle to sleep for many reasons; but I do definitely recommend this technique.
For those of you who find it difficult to get many things done in the one day; or for those of you who do not feel you are doing enough in one day – start documenting it. Write yourself a ‘To Do List’ and take note of all the things, even the most basic of things, on a piece of paper. This will help keep you motivated as, if you are anything like me, you will want to make sure all of the things are crossed off your To Do List by the end of the day. It is also a fruitful task because you can look back on your day and feel like you have done something productive – even the little things count! 
For those of you who are reserved and don’t talk or open up about your thoughts or feelings, why not start a journal? I started a journal when I was in Primary 6 at school and I have documented my whole life. It’s a wonderful thing to have. I am blessed that I am able to read back through beautiful memories with special people who are no longer in my life. Keeping a journal is positive for so many things. You do not have to be great at writing to start a journal – just put pen to paper and let the words come naturally to you. You could start by introducing yourself, talk about your day, mention the important people in your life – and then just take it from there. A journal isn’t for everyone but it is something I would always encourage. 
Writing, for me, is a reflective and calming time where I can be myself; where I can open up and truly allow my thoughts and feelings to burst out from inside me. It is bliss. 
If ever, I am going about my daily business, and something happens that catches my attention, I take note of it on my phone (or whatever I have that is within reach) and I go home and write about it later. I think it’s important not to miss out on or forget the most simplest of moments in life. I am grateful that I have always kept notes throughout my life; if ever I feel the need to look back on memories with a certain person or at a certain place that I am missing – I am able to do so. The smile on my face, and the warm and comforting feeling it gives me inside, is just indescribable. 
There are many different things that writing allows you to do. I just thought I would share a few things with you all as I am trying to blog as regularly as I can at the moment! I hope some of these tips could be of use to at least one person and if so then it was definitely worth my while taking the time to write this! 

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