The Past Few Days

There are one million and one things that have been going through my head recently. I have constantly been over-thinking. At the moment, though, I currently am not in the mood for writing. However, I always like to try my best to write a brief blog on a Sunday, to wrap up my week, if you like. 

So, my last blog post was on Wednesday. I’ll just let you know what I have been up to since then. On Thursday, I had an appointment at 1 o’clock with someone who is currently trying to help my depression. She introduced me to various different techniques that can also really help with my anxiety. We also tried a breathing technique and a form of meditation – I was surprised at how relaxing and therapeutic it was! At first, I felt rather silly, but once I had got in to it – I was absolutely fine. Following this, I met up with two of my friends: Lozza and Megan. Lozza is my closest friend that I have had from my early childhood and Megan is the girl that I currently go to the gym with. Both of these ladies are very patient and encouraging and I value their friendship very much. We had a pleasant night out, with a few drinks, and danced like there was no tomorrow! 

On Friday, Megan and I went to the gym. We had only had about 4 hours sleep so it was definitely dedication. We worked up a sweat and let me tell you – it felt so good. I came home and relaxed afterwards and my boyfriend and I had a chilled night; followed by a chilled weekend. We have been playing our Nintendo Ds’ and just eating, sleeping and cuddling – it’s been lovely. I have been feeling extremely down (as we approach Christmas) and he has been my rock. He has been my shoulder to cry on and has tried his best to put a smile on my face and for that – I can not possibly thank him enough. I have been a nightmare recently, but I am so grateful to have such wonderful people in my life.

Today is Sunday and we have had a total lazy day. Alastair is treating us to a Chinese takeaway tonight which I am extremely looking forward to! After I have finished this blog post, I am going to go for a nice soak in the bath and try and clear my head (which most likely will not happen, but I cherish the thought).

Like I said, there are many things I want to write in depth about, just not today. So I will write some more throughout the week! I hope you are all organised for Christmas, less than a week to go! 



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