24th of January

Good Evening!

Since It’s Sunday I thought I would write a blog post to end my week on a ‘high’. I have only done one post this week so this will be my second. I need to get myself back into the habit of blogging much more frequently. My weekend started off relatively well. For the first time in ages, when I was in the shop I purchased a scratch card, which cost me one pound. It was one pound well spent – I quintupled it – I found myself winning a fiver! I spent the weekend in Ayr; staying at my boyfriend’s mum’s house. We used to stay regularly but haven’t been going much recently. I was really proud of myself for going, this was a big step for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed a quiet weekend with my boyfriend in a new environment. (Not completely new – but unfamiliar as we hadn’t been in quite some time.)

Something I wanted to touch on throughout this blog was a thing that I don’t quite fathom or know how to take: when people copy you. It really is beyond me why someone would try and be like somebody else – especially when it is blatantly obvious. Is it just plain irritating or is actually, in some absurd way, a compliment? I guess you can look it from two completely different perspectives. Yes, in some ridiculous way, it is a compliment. If someone is striving to be like you and do the things that you do then that can be seen as flattery and perhaps admiration towards you. On the other hand, it becomes aggravating and disturbing. It makes you feel as though someone is watching your every move. It makes you feel as though you are being scrutinized and duplicated. The reason why people are so fascinating and interesting is because each and every one of us is different –  perhaps that is the reason we are referred to as individuals? God made us all unique – individual. I believe we are all different. Why on earth would someone, slowly but surely, start to try and become another person. (I’ve just realized that I’m going off on a rant so I’ll try and get back to the point I was making.) Basically, I’m trying to say, Be Yourself. If you are true to yourself then that is the best you can possibly ever be. Don’t ever let yourself feel like you have to become more like another person to better yourself. You are you. There is nobody in this entire world who is quite like you.

I have two appointments this week. I like to try and share things that I learn from these appointments, or think would be beneficial to others, in my blogs. So far I have spoke briefly about mindfulness and I spoke about thought processes etc. I really want to be more open about things over the next few months and try give some advice to people who are struggling to cope or deal with their anxiety or depression. I have received so much positive feedback from people telling me that they can relate to me and have took comfort from my words – nothing would give me greater pleasure than continuing to do this. I have received a few irreverent comments from people too, which is very disheartening, but I am trying my very best to push them to the back of my mind and to keep on writing until it kills me!

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and that you have an easy and pleasurable week. It is my boyfriend’s 24th birthday tomorrow (we celebrated it at the weekend). He is working tomorrow, the poor soul. I am going to do what I can when he comes home to make sure he has a memorable and special birthday.

Please feel free to comment under my blog or message me directly if you want to ask me something or say anything to me – I am always more than happy to reply and hear your thoughts!


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