Happy Birthday to my Boyfriend

I decided, that because my boyfriend doesn’t have social media, I would write a blog post solely dedicated to him as it is his 24th birthday today. Most couples post a photograph or a sentiment on one another’s social media pages (or the like) but since my man does not have Facebook or Twitter I felt a blog dedicated to him would be a nice gesture. 

I would like to start by wishing you a wonderful day (what is left of it) Alastair Waters. I would also like to thank you for absolutely everything that you do for me. I have mentioned before – and will do again – that you are my rock. I hope that I have managed to create a memorable and special day for you and that I have done enough for you to make you feel content and joyful on this important day. 

I know you did not want a fuss. We have had a pleasant, low-key and delightful day. It’s a shame that you are off work with a sore back and you have came down with an awful cold on your birthday; but it’s been a glorious day. We did what we do best. Just spending time together, laughing, talking and finding things to do together to keep ourselves amused – we certainly don’t need to go out anywhere or be with other people to have a thrilling day – we do that ourselves. No matter where we are. I relish that about us!  

I don’t want to spend any more time on my laptop tonight as I want to give you all of my attention (don’t get too used to it). Once again, I wish you the most magical birthday and I aim to make it as marvelous as I can for you. 

Happy 24th Birthday, Alastair Waters.


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