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“My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story.” – Johnny Depp.

I decided I would write a blog post about tattoos tonight; It is a very controversial subject. Many people believe that tattoos ruin your life as it decreases your chances for job opportunities and such. I have even seen people state on social media that if you have tattoos on your body this suggests you are not a fit mother, or parent rather. Other people believe tattoos define you as a person and can have a positive influence in your life. Johnny Depp, a highly successful actor, producer and musician, believes that this is the case. He feels very strongly about his tattoos – as shown in the quote in the introduction of this blog – and many other people feel the same.

Personally, I have 7 tattoos (4 of which I got under-age). I do not regret any of them as they all have a meaning and I had a reason for originally getting them inked on to my body. I will post some photographs of all of my tattoos at the end of this blog post. I believe tattoos are intriguing and wonderful works of art. I do not judge a person that is covered in them; nor do I judge individuals who are against them – it is simply a life choice. That’s what makes the world so special. Each and every one of us is all so different. We all enjoy different things in life. Some people believe having certain things tattooed on their body is a comfort or a luxury; others may not. In this day and age, I believe people are becoming more accepting of tattoos and it is becoming more and more common.

I’m interested: what are your thoughts on tattoos? Do you believe that it should suppress you from job opportunities and such, in this day and age? Do you think they define a person – and make them more interesting? I’m eager to hear your opinions.

I was 14, or 15, when I got my first tattoo. I got the word ‘Gran’ on the inside of my left wrist. My Gran McElhinney (as you may, or may not know, as I write about her regularly in my blog posts) passed away last year – when I was 18. It broke my heart. It is a comfort to me that she was able to witness my tattoo and know how highly I held her in my heart. She was my favourite person. Whenever I look at my wrist now it is a reminder of the most beautiful, wonderful lady that was such a vital and positive part of my life. I believe that is a blessing. Another tattoo that I got, when I first turned 18, was two big roses up my right thigh. I had two freckles on my leg (which I could not stand looking at) so I decided to get them covered up. What better way to do so than to get two massive roses up my leg? Roses are beautiful. I’ve had this tattoo for almost two years and I am still really glad I got it; it helps me feel a little bit more confident about my legs as I’m totally insecure about them. Many people, believe it or not, get tattooed as a result of insecurity. It’s incredible. A quote, which I love, about roses is: “Even the most beautiful rose has been through the dirt.”

When it comes to getting a tattoo many people are put off by the ‘pain’. Personally, it does not bother me. Infact I rather enjoy getting tattooed – it’s therapeutic. Perhaps I’m just strange; I always look forward to going to get a tattoo. I think (but don’t quote me on this) that you can purchase numbing creams, and things like that, before going for a tattoo. It’s amazing what you can get nowadays. I imagine this would ease the pain but I’m really not sure. However, part of the experience of getting tattooed is feeling the pain, so I would try and omit using this.

Anyway, I just wanted to do a quick post before the weekend. I look forward to hearing your stories about tattoos. Have a fantastic weekend!
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Mid week post

I slept like a baby last night. My head hit the pillow and I was away – for the first time in a long time – may I add. It felt magnificent.

I haven’t blogged since Monday. I had lots going on and I’ve been rather stressed and not in a great frame of mind. I had something important to attend yesterday and I don’t know how it went. Fingers crossed! I don’t think I was fully myself or that I showed my potential. Only time will tell the outcome. 
I skipped the gym yesterday; my friend and I decided to go to the bingo. We never won anything but it’s the taking part that counts (you have got to be in it to win it, right?). Afterwards, we had a few cocktails in our local Weatherspoons before heading home. It was nice to just ‘let my hair down’ after a stressful morning. 
Recently at the gym I’ve been focusing on squats – I love squatting! My friend and I have a programme that we do religiously at least 3/4 times a week – this is to work mainly our arms and legs. I enjoy going into the fitness room, when it’s quiet, and doing some of my own stuff to work other parts of the body. My friend, Megan, and I keep each other motivated. We encourage and support one another and I believe that’s important. When I’m feeling down, getting myself to the gym always makes me feel one thousand times better, there’s something about exercise that works wonders. 
I just wanted to let you know that I’m okay because I hadn’t blog in a few days. I would also like to ask that if you have any suggestions for future blogs – or anything you particularly want me to write about – please contact me and let me know. I would love to hear from you!
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Good afternoon! 

I’m not long back from the gym and I’m absolutely knackered. I didn’t sleep well at all last night – I was somewhat restless – I wasn’t in the greatest of moods this morning. I went to the gym, worked up a sweat, and I’m feeling a lot better. It’s amazing what an intense workout can do for you. 

On Wednesday, I have something coming up and I am so damn nervous. It’s one of those things were you are either successful or unsuccessful; I reckon I will be unsuccessful. If I am, it was an experience. If I’m not, then I will be bloody shocked. I’m not expecting anything from it. In saying that, keep your fingers crossed for me guys, it might just be the making of me. 

Since I got home from the gym, I decided to take a few photographs in some dresses which I bought and have never got around to wearing. So, I have stuck them on eBay to sell so that someone else can get the wear out of them. They are beautiful dresses – I think, if I’m candid with myself, I really just bought these dresses to admire in my wardrobe from time to time. But hey, at least they went to a good home. 

The sun is shining today and the sky is pure blue. It’s pleasant to look at – for a change. I need to try and get some things sorted for this thing on Wednesday though; so that’s my plans for the day. What’s yours?
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Outfit Post and Beauty Talk

Sunday: A day of rest. I have sure had plenty of that today. I was hungover this morning so I had a totally lazy day to recover and my boyfriend and I ordered a takeaway, chilled out, and watched some films. It has been lovely – and certainly required. I think an early night is in order for this evening. Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up as fresh as a daisy!

I thought I would do an outfit post tonight seeing as I was out last night and got some photographs. I was wearing a hot pink, figure hugging, skirt with a black crop top which is all laced at the front. My high heels were black, with a peep toe, and a sort of block heel. Each of these items were all bargains. Would you believe it? My whole outfit cost me less than £20. The skirt (which I have had for absolutely years) I think is from H&M. It probably cost me roughly £6.99. It was a while ago though so I am not entirely sure. The black laced crop top was from TK Max. It was on sale at £7. I wasn’t sure if I was going to purchase it at first; I was just carrying it around the store with me until I made up my mind. A random lady had tapped me on the shoulder and complimented the top and so that made up my mind for me. I was purchasing it. It was so comfortable and I’m very glad that the stranger coaxed me into buying it. Thank you kind lady. Finally, my shoes. They were a steal! I managed to find these stunning shoes on everything five pounds (online). They are incredible quality for the price. However my feet are killing me from dancing in them all night; but they looked the part so I just put up with the pain for several hours.

I applied fake tan (for the first time in ages). I just wanted to try and feel better about myself. I was rather nervous incase it didn’t work out but it all seemed fine – and didn’t go patchy. I used the St Moriz mousse: Instant self tanning. It was durable and seemed to develop within hours. I would recommend St Moriz if you are wanting to experiment with fake tan. It is cheap and cheerful and has a lovely finish. I purchased mine out of Home Bargains for £2.99. However, you could find it in a variety of different stores as it is a very popular tan.

My friend, Michelle, done my hair and make up for me. I constantly wear my hair down, straight and in a side shed. I never do anything extravagant or out of the ordinary with my hair (I’m a plain Jane). Michelle utilised her excellent skills to work a miracle on me last night. She curled all of my hair for me and used Kirby grips to pin bits of my hair back to show off my face; usually I like to hide behind my thick head of hair so having my full face on show was a pretty big deal for me last night. When it comes to make up, Michelle uses all MAC products. She used some dark eyeshadow on me last night (followed with some glitter), a set of false eyelashes and a nice sharp finish with some eyeliner. I felt like a new person; when I looked in the mirror I was transfixed. I looked – and felt – so different. I wish I could do my own make up like this every day. I am hopeless.

Anyway, I am a very tired girl tonight so I will wrap this post up here. As always, if you ever want to contact me directly you can email me on You can follow my blog’s twitter account on @blogabtnothing1 or follow me on Instagram by searching “charlenemcelhinney”.

Have a lovely, pleasant Sunday evening!

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Thoughts of the Day

Good Morning. 

I’m currently in a sitting area in Buchanan Galleries (shopping centre) which states “seating for Burger King customers only”. I haven’t bought anything – yet – so I hope I don’t get shifted away. I’m just waiting on my friend; she has an interview today for college and was quite nervous. I came along with her for moral support. So, I’m just waiting around until she comes out. I have my fingers crossed for her but I’m sure she will smash it. 
I’m currently typing this from my mobile phone whilst I make myself at home in this ‘Burger King seating area’ which quite frankly I shouldn’t actually be sitting in right now as I’m not a customer. What can I say? I’m living life on the wild side today. Usually, I am tentative about coming into town and especially dubious about being on my own however it is like a ghost town this morning which suits me just fine. 
Since I’m on my own and have nothing to do, I am going to write about a variety of different things. Firstly, I want to share a bargain with you (in which I found yesterday). I know many of you are always keen for me to share some of my bargains in my blog posts. I stumbled across a Max Factor nail polish yesterday in poundland. Would you believe it? £1. It’s excellent. I was looking for a basic black nail polish and when I saw this – I put it straight in my basket. Happy days. 

Last night, my cat was sleeping so gracefully. I just watched over him, so peaceful, trusting and precious. Wee Gizmo. I don’t know what I would do without him now. I genuinely can’t remember my life without him in it. I don’t know how anyone can be cruel to an animal. I just don’t know how they can live with themselves. 
I was just thinking… people are interesting. The world is a strange place. Everyone is out and about; carrying out their daily business. We don’t acknowledge one another but we notice things. Everyone has a purpose: a reason. We are all so unique and individual. My dad and I were ‘people watching’ once and he told me that people are like ants. When you actually think about it and scrutinise that statement – it’s true. If you watch ants; the way they scramble about and do what they need to do and make their way back to their ‘homes’. We, people, are just the same. We are all out doing just that. Life is very precious. The world is so captivating and intriguing. 
I’m beginning to become quite thirsty; perhaps I’ll go purchase a drink from Burger King and earn my right to be sitting here. Ha! 
The centre is so quiet today and I feel quite chilled and relaxed. I can imagine my friend is the complete opposite right now – all stressed out and nervous. I have something coming up next week and I am going to be in the exact same boat! 
I am probably using up a lot of my internet from my mobile as I’m not connected to the wifi or anything so I guess I’ll wrap this post up here. I hope you all have a lovely day and an enjoyable weekend! 🌸

Outfit Post 2: Casual

It’s just a quick blog post today from my mobile phone. I thought I would do an outfit post as I want to try and do that at least once a week. 

Today I went to visit my Gran Rundell as it is her birthday tomorrow – she was so pleased to see us! I took her a card and some biscuits which she thoroughly appreciated. It’s so nice to see her feeling better. 

Right, I’m just going to briefly tell you about my outfit. The shoes were a gift from my boyfriend (so I couldn’t tell you the price) however they are super comfortable. I wear them to the gym regularly; and I do a lot of walking in them. They’re fabulous. The high waist leggings are a sort of grey acid wash style from Primark. They cost me £5 and they are quite thick. My white ribbed crop top was also from Primark and I grabbed it at an absolute bargain price: £1. (I actually bought a few of them at the time because they were so cheap).  I’m not sure if you can see my necklace clearly however this was also an absolute bargain. It cost me 40p. I bid on it on eBay and won the auction. I’ve worn it on several occasions and it’s still going strong so it’s definitely not cheap rubbish – I love it. 

So that’s my short but sweet outfit post for the day. My last outfit post went really well and so I plan to do them a lot more often. 

Feel free to email me (or follow my blog Twitter account) if you want to ask me anything etc.

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A Sign from my Gran McElhinney

Today I spent a few hours at the gym with my friend Megan. Both of us had endured a restless’ night sleep so we were ready for an intense workout today. I’ve took a photograph of myself in a sports bra (before the gym) as I want to set myself goals to strive and become toned for summer. Although my main reason for attending the gym is to help me mentally; it will be positive if I can have a physical progress too from my regular visits. I am going to try and take photos of myself every now and again to see if I can notice any difference in myself. We shall see. Only time well tell – and hard work. I really should have brushed my hair in the photo or at least changed out of my pyjamas – but I had literally just rolled out of my bed and took this photo. It isn’t the most flattering, I must admit, but you get my drift.

The main thing I wanted to blog about today was what an abnormal start to the day I had. Basically last night I was awake for hours thinking of my Gran McElhinney (who passed away in March 2015). I was trying so hard to sleep but I just could not get her out of my head. After tossing and turning for ages, I decided to get up and do something productive to ease my mind. I began writing a poem about my Gran followed by me reading over blogs I had previously written about her. I was rather upset. I guess it was just a build up of being too strong for too long. My gran has been gone for almost a year now and not a day goes by where I don’t miss her. This morning, I know this sounds crazy, but I believe I received a sign from my Gran. It has left me feeling utterly dumbfounded and amazed. Is she trying to tell me something? Or does she just want me to know she’s there, watching over me? I don’t know. I would really like to visit a physic. I know that it was definitely my Gran trying to communicate with me – there is absolutely no way that it was just coincidence or just by chance – it was her – for sure.

Let me tell you what happened: My boyfriend had left to drive to work this morning. In the back of his car is an old radio (and I mean an absolutely ancient radio) that we stumbled across a while ago whilst clearing out his father’s garage. Alastair and I thought it might be worth something one day and that we would hold on to it. However it wasn’t working very well at the time – it would need fixed up a bit. Anyway, this morning my boyfriend was driving to work and all of a sudden “You’re the first, my last, my everything” by Barry White came blaring out of this old radio in the back of his car. He was shocked. This song is an important song. My gran held this song very dear to her heart, whenever she heard it she would tell me that my Papa (who passed away several years ago) was present. In the funeral parlour, on my Gran’s deathbed, this song was played on repeat for an hour whilst we all said our final goodbyes. This song symbolises my Gran in every way possible. I don’t know how on earth that radio randomly turned on by itself in the back of my boyfriend’s car and it was specifically that song that came on. I know, without a doubt, that my Gran done it though. I’m having such a difficult time at the moment and it’s comforting to know that she is watching over me and sending me signs.

The weather here is awful today. I’m glad to be home; I got soaked in the rain. I haven’t even changed out of my gym gear yet as I have been desperate to blog about my Gran since it happened this morning. It was such a beautiful gesture. I’m so glad it happened.