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I am enthusiastic and excited about this blog post as it is completely different from my usual kind of blogs which mainly consist of life, thoughts and feelings. I feel privileged that I was asked to test some products from a growing business called ‘Forever Living’. Basically I have to review these products and give my own opinions on these goods. What better way to do it than through a blog post?

I will share some photographs (which I took) of the products I sampled and tried from the Forever Living Aloe Pamper Basket. There were a variety of different things: lip balms, hand and face soap, many different types of lotions for particular parts of the body, an Aloe Vera scrub, serum, revitalizing eye cream and much more! These are not the only Forever Living products you can get – oh no – they offer many other amazing products which may appeal to you. One of which is a tooth whitening gel (or cream, I’m not entirely sure, I shall have to find that out). I read about it and it seems pretty amazing. I would have loved to have tested that!

Let me begin to tell you about my experience with certain Aloe Vera products (from the Pamper Basket) which I used. Firstly, I’ll start with a very basic one. It is something that we all need; especially in the winter when our lips become dry and chapped in the miserable weather – lip balm! Unlike many other cheap lip balms I have bought in the past, Aloe Lips is durable. With it’s long-lasting, protective radiance and luminosity; you would be silly not to try it at some point in your life. Not only does it offer protection for your lips but it is also said to be a miracle worker on cold sores, nappy rash and also an effective way to help any dry skin conditions.

Another product that I tried out was the Aloe Vera hand and face soap. It sounds pretty basic but soap is an essential right? What if I told you it also works as a great bubble bath for kids (and a shower gel), it can be used on any skin – any age – and it is PH neutral. Another marvelous thing about the Aloe Vera hand and face soap is that it can be used for shaving in the shower (or bath, whatever floats your boat) and it is a great way to prevent ingrown hairs. It is also a splendid way to remove make up easily and smoothly.

I want to touch on the lotions that I tested and tell you a bit about them. The first one I experimented with was just called ‘Aloe Lotion’. It is for the face and the body. You only need the tiniest little bit; A little goes a long way! I also found that it worked as a rather efficient hand cream and left my hands feeling super smooth. Another lotion I tried out was the ‘Moisturizing Lotion’ which again is for the face. It is ideal for any skin type, day or night, and it is SPF 8. One of the lotions (that I got my boyfriend to test) which was particularly effective was the ‘Heat Lotion’. With this lotion, you must use it sparingly, as it can get extremely hot. It is brilliant for achy joints and muscles and exceptionally good for menstrual cramps. You may rub this heat lotion on your temples if you have a headache or migraine. It can be rubbed on the back to help a cough and it can be rubbed on the soles of your feet for a restful sleep. I found the heat lotion very relaxing and soothing. Meanwhile, my boyfriend tried it out due to a back injury that he suffered and he stated that it was a great way to relieve some pain. All of the lotions were great but the heat rub was definitely my favourite of the three!

Along with the Pamper Basket, there was a sachet of ‘Propolis Cream’. (To be candid, I never got to test this one but it sounds like it would be very beneficial to people who suffer from dry skin conditions). I will tell you what I know of it to be true following some research and results I have heard from other people: It apparently clears the following conditions which I listed above, It is a very pleasant night cream and it can be used 1 or 2 times per week as a skin replenisher! It sounds like it works wonders!

The Forever Aloe Scrub – I loved this one. I am a massive fan of exfoliating so this one hugely appealed to me. This product scrubs away dead skin cells and debris that clog pores and dull the skin’s appearance. If you use this scrub regularly – it should begin to reveal radiant ‘new’ and healthier skin. After scrubbing myself with this in the bath; I came out feeling so clean and fresh. It is also a great way of suppressing ingrown hairs. I highly recommend this one.

Another product that the Pamper Basket offers is Revitalizing Eye Cream. This reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes and helps skin elasticity. Through my own experience of trying this product out, I also felt it makes you feel a lot more awake, fresher, and gleaming. Especially in the morning!

The last product I want to mention is the Aloe Serum – this is a favourite of many Forever Living users. It works as a great under mosturiser for a flawless look and it makes skin super silky. It also helps dry skin and likewise with the eye cream, it leaves you feeling so much fresher.

I thoroughly enjoyed testing all of these Forever Living products and I definitely would recommend that you try at least some of them at some point. The lady I was testing the products for is named Jen. You will find her Facebook page if you search “Forever Living by Jen”. If you are interested in contacting Jen about any of these products for further information or queries (and you do not have access to her Facebook page) then you can contact her on 07973223113. Alternatively, drop me a message – or comment below – and I shall be sure to get a hold of her for you. She is based in Glasgow, United Kingdom. She is a lovely lady so don’t hesitate to contact her.

I will now post some of the pictures I took of my luxurious Forever Living Pamper Basket. Thank you for choosing me to test out some of your products, Jen, It was a pleasure!


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  1. Julie
    October 25, 2017 / 8:48 am

    I just started with forever and goin to order pupps pack next week can’t wait

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