Valentine’s Day

And so it is Valentine’s Day: February the 14th. What is your opinion on Valentine’s Day?

I believe it is a special day for those who are in a relationship or care for someone very deeply. It’s nice to appreciate and acknowledge the love and romance that you have in your life. However, for some this is not the case. For many, Valentine’s day is a wretched time of the year and a day of dread and longing. I’m interested in people’s opinions about Valentine’s Day; do you think it is over-rated? I am curious to hear a variety of different point of view’s. I’d like to hear viewpoint’s from people who have spent the day with their significant other; likewise from those of you that spent Valentine’s Day alone or celebrated it with friends etc. (Feel free to leave comments below my blog or contact me directly).

Let me tell you about my day: My boyfriend and I had a low key ‘Valentine’s’. We bought one another a card and some gifts which we exchanged when we woke up together this morning. We spent some time in bed, appreciating one another and reflecting – it was bliss. We never ventured out anywhere today. We had a somewhat lazy day. We relaxed, watched films and ordered ourselves a takeaway. Our plans for the rest of the night are to continue watching films (along with some cuddles). I have thoroughly enjoyed my Valentine’s Day. We never done anything extravagant or out of the ordinary; but it was pleasant. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I admire my Mum and Dad very much. Something simple and sweet (that is a sort of tradition for them) every year on Valentine’s Day is that they bring out two handmade cards that they made for one another when they first began dating. These cards have great sentimental value to them. They made these cards out of very basic things; I think some of the things they used was an old tissue box, tinfoil and some cardboard etc. It looks really artistic. There is also a photograph on each of these cards of my parents when they were much younger. It’s wonderful to see that they have not changed a day and they do not love one another any less. I think it’s a very marvelous sentiment and gesture, to one another, that they keep these precious cards and display them every year as a reminder of how special their relationship is. That’s love.

I don’t want to spend too much time writing tonight as I want to dedicate my time to my other half. I just felt a blog on Valentine’s Day was necessary – and I was just curious to hear other people’s opinions and experiences. I hope that you all have a wonderful day; no matter what it is that you are doing.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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