A Sign from my Gran McElhinney

Today I spent a few hours at the gym with my friend Megan. Both of us had endured a restless’ night sleep so we were ready for an intense workout today. I’ve took a photograph of myself in a sports bra (before the gym) as I want to set myself goals to strive and become toned for summer. Although my main reason for attending the gym is to help me mentally; it will be positive if I can have a physical progress too from my regular visits. I am going to try and take photos of myself every now and again to see if I can notice any difference in myself. We shall see. Only time well tell – and hard work. I really should have brushed my hair in the photo or at least changed out of my pyjamas – but I had literally just rolled out of my bed and took this photo. It isn’t the most flattering, I must admit, but you get my drift.

The main thing I wanted to blog about today was what an abnormal start to the day I had. Basically last night I was awake for hours thinking of my Gran McElhinney (who passed away in March 2015). I was trying so hard to sleep but I just could not get her out of my head. After tossing and turning for ages, I decided to get up and do something productive to ease my mind. I began writing a poem about my Gran followed by me reading over blogs I had previously written about her. I was rather upset. I guess it was just a build up of being too strong for too long. My gran has been gone for almost a year now and not a day goes by where I don’t miss her. This morning, I know this sounds crazy, but I believe I received a sign from my Gran. It has left me feeling utterly dumbfounded and amazed. Is she trying to tell me something? Or does she just want me to know she’s there, watching over me? I don’t know. I would really like to visit a physic. I know that it was definitely my Gran trying to communicate with me – there is absolutely no way that it was just coincidence or just by chance – it was her – for sure.

Let me tell you what happened: My boyfriend had left to drive to work this morning. In the back of his car is an old radio (and I mean an absolutely ancient radio) that we stumbled across a while ago whilst clearing out his father’s garage. Alastair and I thought it might be worth something one day and that we would hold on to it. However it wasn’t working very well at the time – it would need fixed up a bit. Anyway, this morning my boyfriend was driving to work and all of a sudden “You’re the first, my last, my everything” by Barry White came blaring out of this old radio in the back of his car. He was shocked. This song is an important song. My gran held this song very dear to her heart, whenever she heard it she would tell me that my Papa (who passed away several years ago) was present. In the funeral parlour, on my Gran’s deathbed, this song was played on repeat for an hour whilst we all said our final goodbyes. This song symbolises my Gran in every way possible. I don’t know how on earth that radio randomly turned on by itself in the back of my boyfriend’s car and it was specifically that song that came on. I know, without a doubt, that my Gran done it though. I’m having such a difficult time at the moment and it’s comforting to know that she is watching over me and sending me signs.

The weather here is awful today. I’m glad to be home; I got soaked in the rain. I haven’t even changed out of my gym gear yet as I have been desperate to blog about my Gran since it happened this morning. It was such a beautiful gesture. I’m so glad it happened.


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