Outfit Post 2: Casual

It’s just a quick blog post today from my mobile phone. I thought I would do an outfit post as I want to try and do that at least once a week. 

Today I went to visit my Gran Rundell as it is her birthday tomorrow – she was so pleased to see us! I took her a card and some biscuits which she thoroughly appreciated. It’s so nice to see her feeling better. 

Right, I’m just going to briefly tell you about my outfit. The shoes were a gift from my boyfriend (so I couldn’t tell you the price) however they are super comfortable. I wear them to the gym regularly; and I do a lot of walking in them. They’re fabulous. The high waist leggings are a sort of grey acid wash style from Primark. They cost me £5 and they are quite thick. My white ribbed crop top was also from Primark and I grabbed it at an absolute bargain price: £1. (I actually bought a few of them at the time because they were so cheap).  I’m not sure if you can see my necklace clearly however this was also an absolute bargain. It cost me 40p. I bid on it on eBay and won the auction. I’ve worn it on several occasions and it’s still going strong so it’s definitely not cheap rubbish – I love it. 

So that’s my short but sweet outfit post for the day. My last outfit post went really well and so I plan to do them a lot more often. 

Feel free to email me (or follow my blog Twitter account) if you want to ask me anything etc. 



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