Outfit Post and Beauty Talk

Sunday: A day of rest. I have sure had plenty of that today. I was hungover this morning so I had a totally lazy day to recover and my boyfriend and I ordered a takeaway, chilled out, and watched some films. It has been lovely – and certainly required. I think an early night is in order for this evening. Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up as fresh as a daisy!

I thought I would do an outfit post tonight seeing as I was out last night and got some photographs. I was wearing a hot pink, figure hugging, skirt with a black crop top which is all laced at the front. My high heels were black, with a peep toe, and a sort of block heel. Each of these items were all bargains. Would you believe it? My whole outfit cost me less than £20. The skirt (which I have had for absolutely years) I think is from H&M. It probably cost me roughly £6.99. It was a while ago though so I am not entirely sure. The black laced crop top was from TK Max. It was on sale at £7. I wasn’t sure if I was going to purchase it at first; I was just carrying it around the store with me until I made up my mind. A random lady had tapped me on the shoulder and complimented the top and so that made up my mind for me. I was purchasing it. It was so comfortable and I’m very glad that the stranger coaxed me into buying it. Thank you kind lady. Finally, my shoes. They were a steal! I managed to find these stunning shoes on everything five pounds (online). They are incredible quality for the price. However my feet are killing me from dancing in them all night; but they looked the part so I just put up with the pain for several hours.

I applied fake tan (for the first time in ages). I just wanted to try and feel better about myself. I was rather nervous incase it didn’t work out but it all seemed fine – and didn’t go patchy. I used the St Moriz mousse: Instant self tanning. It was durable and seemed to develop within hours. I would recommend St Moriz if you are wanting to experiment with fake tan. It is cheap and cheerful and has a lovely finish. I purchased mine out of Home Bargains for £2.99. However, you could find it in a variety of different stores as it is a very popular tan.

My friend, Michelle, done my hair and make up for me. I constantly wear my hair down, straight and in a side shed. I never do anything extravagant or out of the ordinary with my hair (I’m a plain Jane). Michelle utilised her excellent skills to work a miracle on me last night. She curled all of my hair for me and used Kirby grips to pin bits of my hair back to show off my face; usually I like to hide behind my thick head of hair so having my full face on show was a pretty big deal for me last night. When it comes to make up, Michelle uses all MAC products. She used some dark eyeshadow on me last night (followed with some glitter), a set of false eyelashes and a nice sharp finish with some eyeliner. I felt like a new person; when I looked in the mirror I was transfixed. I looked – and felt – so different. I wish I could do my own make up like this every day. I am hopeless.

Anyway, I am a very tired girl tonight so I will wrap this post up here. As always, if you ever want to contact me directly you can email me on charlenemcelhinney@icloud.com. You can follow my blog’s twitter account on @blogabtnothing1 or follow me on Instagram by searching “charlenemcelhinney”.

Have a lovely, pleasant Sunday evening!


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