“My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story.” – Johnny Depp.

I decided I would write a blog post about tattoos tonight; It is a very controversial subject. Many people believe that tattoos ruin your life as it decreases your chances for job opportunities and such. I have even seen people state on social media that if you have tattoos on your body this suggests you are not a fit mother, or parent rather. Other people believe tattoos define you as a person and can have a positive influence in your life. Johnny Depp, a highly successful actor, producer and musician, believes that this is the case. He feels very strongly about his tattoos – as shown in the quote in the introduction of this blog – and many other people feel the same.

Personally, I have 7 tattoos (4 of which I got under-age). I do not regret any of them as they all have a meaning and I had a reason for originally getting them inked on to my body. I will post some photographs of all of my tattoos at the end of this blog post. I believe tattoos are intriguing and wonderful works of art. I do not judge a person that is covered in them; nor do I judge individuals who are against them – it is simply a life choice. That’s what makes the world so special. Each and every one of us is all so different. We all enjoy different things in life. Some people believe having certain things tattooed on their body is a comfort or a luxury; others may not. In this day and age, I believe people are becoming more accepting of tattoos and it is becoming more and more common.

I’m interested: what are your thoughts on tattoos? Do you believe that it should suppress you from job opportunities and such, in this day and age? Do you think they define a person – and make them more interesting? I’m eager to hear your opinions.

I was 14, or 15, when I got my first tattoo. I got the word ‘Gran’ on the inside of my left wrist. My Gran McElhinney (as you may, or may not know, as I write about her regularly in my blog posts) passed away last year – when I was 18. It broke my heart. It is a comfort to me that she was able to witness my tattoo and know how highly I held her in my heart. She was my favourite person. Whenever I look at my wrist now it is a reminder of the most beautiful, wonderful lady that was such a vital and positive part of my life. I believe that is a blessing. Another tattoo that I got, when I first turned 18, was two big roses up my right thigh. I had two freckles on my leg (which I could not stand looking at) so I decided to get them covered up. What better way to do so than to get two massive roses up my leg? Roses are beautiful. I’ve had this tattoo for almost two years and I am still really glad I got it; it helps me feel a little bit more confident about my legs as I’m totally insecure about them. Many people, believe it or not, get tattooed as a result of insecurity. It’s incredible. A quote, which I love, about roses is: “Even the most beautiful rose has been through the dirt.”

When it comes to getting a tattoo many people are put off by the ‘pain’. Personally, it does not bother me. Infact I rather enjoy getting tattooed – it’s therapeutic. Perhaps I’m just strange; I always look forward to going to get a tattoo. I think (but don’t quote me on this) that you can purchase numbing creams, and things like that, before going for a tattoo. It’s amazing what you can get nowadays. I imagine this would ease the pain but I’m really not sure. However, part of the experience of getting tattooed is feeling the pain, so I would try and omit using this.

Anyway, I just wanted to do a quick post before the weekend. I look forward to hearing your stories about tattoos. Have a fantastic weekend!
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