The Simple Things in Life

I am writing this blog post from my mobile phone as something occurred today that gave me a sudden urge to write. It was something that may seem ordinary and common; but to me it was absolutely captivating. 

I paid my fare to get on the bus and I took a seat. As always, I habitually put in my headphones and began blaring music through my ears as I gazed out of the window. That’s normal nowadays. It’s very seldom in this day and age that you see passengers – people – talking to one another and engaging in conversation with people they do not know. We all seem to keep ourselves to ourselves. It may be the case that one is zoned out on their phone – scrolling through social media and the like; or simply listening to music and minding their own business. I very rarely see any communication on public transport nowadays (and even just in public in general). Today, I was riveted by these 3 passengers in particular who evidently did not know one another but spoke as though they had known each other for years. It was wondrous. One lady was very frail, elderly and reserved; another was probably in her 60’s and seemed polite, friendly and chatty; the other lady was in her 50’s (I reckon) and seemed pleasant. These three ladies began their journey in silence – like myself. Then all of a sudden one lady spoke to the other about the weather, and another lady interjected to speak about the bus fares etc and suddenly these three ladies engaged in a conversation which totally intrigued me. It was such basic things they were speaking of and yet I was astounded. I took out my earphones just to listen to the beauty of their conversation (I wasn’t eavesdropping – I swear – I was just truly mesmerised by their words). Nowadays, on public transport, it is very seldom that we witness strangers talking to one another. I, for one, usually listen to my music. I am surrounded by other individuals who are totally zoned out on their phones and other technology. It is taking over the world. I know technology is an extremely wonderful thing but it was just nice to stop for a moment today and appreciate the most simplest of things in life – people. I took out my headphones and I just listened to the pure conversation that flowed from these ladies mouths, talking as though they had known one another for a life time. It really was magnificent and definitely worth writing about. 

I purchased this little notebook today as it caught my eye in Home Bargains. It cost me 99p and I plan on carrying it in my handbag so that if anything happens in my daily life, such as today, that may seem insignificant – I can note it down and write about it at a later date. These sort of things are what make life so beautiful.
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