GUEST POST: @sunshinesarahxo

                     GUEST POST:  @sunshinesarahxo 🙂

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Behind Writing Rambling!
Hello there!!! Thanks so much to Charlene for having me on her Blog! I do love writing guest posts!! I thought I would use this opportunity to tell you a bit more about Writing Rambling – my baby!
I started my blog in April 2012 when it was called ‘iwantthisrightnow’ as I started it as a place where I wanted to share all my outfits from an online game I was playing called ‘Fantasy Shopper’. I then started sharing more fashion posts of my own posting the ubiqutous ‘changing room’ selfies as well as generally taking photos of outfits I’d see in shops as well as shoes I liked! This worked for a while but I was wanting to share more beauty posts so I changed it to what it is today – ‘Writing Rambling.’ I then got more involved with the online blogger community and would be easily influenced by them if there any bargins to be had or any ‘must buys’ like the big Soap & Glory Christmas Box that comes out every year. It was good content for my blog but not so good for my bank balance or my mental health actually. Looking back now I could see I was slowly sliding into depression as I was also getting disillusioned with running my own business. I hadn’t yet decided I was going to Australia so I was spending all my money on beauty items I didn’t even need!
I blogged right up until I went to Australia in February of 2012 with my last post being about a prize I’d won from the Marie Claire advent competition! (http://www.writingrambling.co.uk/2013/01/you-are-remarkablealison-claire.html)
It went quiet for 22 months until I picked it back up in December of 2014. I found the blogosphere had exploded whilst I’d been away and became a little sad because I wondered how I’d get my blog seen! >.< I needn't have worried though because as soon as I took my twitter off 'private' I found a whole community I had missed out on communicating with!
One of the first things I did upon returning was to buy my domain!! I used Go Daddy simply because I’d seen the adverts and trusted them to help me out if I got stuck! I was successful in installing this myself because of Matthew’s help on Go Daddy live chat as well as finding blog posts from Dana from The Wonder Forest and Lucy Cynthia which both helped me tremendously!! I’ve since been able to help out other bloggers with my own post which just goes to show what a wonderful community it really is! (http://www.writingrambling.co.uk/2015/10/introducing-couk.html)
I’ve recently bought the ‘.com’ so that even if you type in the wrong domain you will get re-directed to my site! This was easier because I’d already installed the ‘.co.uk’ and also because I had help from a really lovely lady on twitter called Fiona (@WishHopeDreams). She also helped me out with installing a new template on my Blog!! She still continues to help me today and I simply don’t know where I’d be without her!!!
I absolutely love my blog and everything that comes along with it! Hopefully one day I will get to meet my twitter friends because I feel that some of them have become more than online friends. It is a great community to be a part of and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Starting my 2 new series (#MeetTheBlogger and #SmallBiz) has allowed me to meet so many more bloggers and small business owners. I absolutely love finding new and emerging online businesses and featuring them on my blog, there’s nothing better in my opinion and I feel as bloggers we have a duty to them to support them instead of the big boys out there! I’ve also meet so many bloggers since starting my #MeetTheBlogger Interview Series. I have actually partnered with Pick a Blogger for this and couldn’t be happier! It’s opportunities like this which simply wouldn’t happen otherwise.
I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit about me and my blog! I’d love it if you left me a comment and told me how/why you started and if you’ve gone through any changes with your blog!?!? Feel free to follow me on social media, I’m very active on Twitter!
Thanks to Charlene for having me on her beautiful blog!! Here’s to more guest posts!!

Saturday Update.

It’s a Saturday afternoon (and I am having a chilled day) so I thought I would update my blog and let you all know what’s been happening over the past few days.

Firstly, I just want to share with you all that I woke up on Friday morning and checked my blog statistics to discover that I had 20,000 views on my blog. Wow! How on earth did I manage that? I was absolutely flabbergasted. So i thought, as a token of my appreciation, I would host a giveaway. Who doesn’t love a giveaway? If you check out my twitter (@blogabtnothing1) or my Facebook page (link at the end of this post) you will get all of the details on how to enter, my lovelies. 

Something else that I am really pleased about is that last night I wrote my first ever guest blog – for the lovely @sunshinesarahxo. Sarah is going to write a guest blog for me too! I think it’s interesting to bring another person’s personality and perspective in to your own blog – just as a little breath of fresh air. I met Sarah as she won my first (and only) giveaway that I had ever done on my blog; we got chatting and now we are supporting one another’s blog pages and offering each other encouragement! So, yeah, this was my first ever guest post and I throughly enjoyed writing it: I could not have wrote it for a better person. Thank you for the opportunity, lovely. The link to my guest post on Sarah’s blog is  http://www.writingrambling.co.uk/2016/04/guest-post.html (should you wish to have a read after this post).

Another exciting thing (for me, anyway, but I’m easy pleased) is that I purchased a camera to try and enhance my blog. It’s just a pretty basic one to try and improve my photography skills and one that I can carry about in my handbag with me. It is a Canon IXUS 170 – in royal blue. My reason for buying this particular one was because it was my absolute favourite colour and I just had to have it. So, I’m looking forward to my new toy coming so I can try it out and start experimenting. Photography is completely new to me so I hope you guys can appreciate that my pictures will be pretty mince – at first anyway. 

Moving swiftly onwards, let me tell you what I watched last night: The Jungle Book. It was the new one that is currently out in the cinema. My boyfriend and I manged to get a pretty decent copy online. We have an old projector in his bedroom and we watch films on the roof as we lay in bed – it’s pretty awesome (and a lot more comfier than sitting in a cinema chair for several hours).  I have to say, if you have not yet seen this film, you must put it on your ‘To Do List’ – you will not be disappointed. It had me hooked the whole way through. It was incredible. In fact, it’s one of those films that I could watch over and over again. I may do a review about it, some time in the near future, but I’ve never done a proper movie review and I’m worried I couldn’t do this film justice; It was marvellous.

So far today, I have sat out in the sunshine for a bit, and I’ve jotted down some notes for things blogging/twitter related. It was super chilly but I was determined to sit out in the sun for as long as I possibly could to try and top up my colour (I want to build up a decent colour for going away to Malta in August). What have you done so far today or what do you plan on doing? I would love love love to hear from you. 

I will leave all of my links at the bottom of this post, as always.

Until next time
Charlene McElhinney

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£9 Bargain Haul.

Good afternoon, lovelies. 
As promised, and requested, here I am today: Ready to share my bargains with you from yesterday. I spent £9 and managed to get 4 amazing items of clothing that I am willing to share with you.  I am the ultimate bargain hunter and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m more than happy to share my bargains with you on a regular basis (so make sure you watch this space)!

This cute little yellow peplum crop top was from New Look. It is super comfortable and of excellent quality; made of 95% cotton and 5% Elastane. I spotted this in the sale as soon as I walked in to the store – it was in the ‘less than £3’ rack, near the front. I immediately made my way to it (before anyone else got the opportunity to) and I picked it up. The RRP on this lovely little number was £9… I got it for £1!!! I thought: This will look absolutely stunning with a pair of denim shorts in the summer! And I was not wrong. I dressed this £1 crop top (from New Look) up with a pair of old denim shorts that I purchased from Forever21 ages ago; I would probably finish the look off with a pair of white converse. And there you have it. Cheap & cheerful 🙂
 Moving swiftly onwards (and sticking to the incredible New Look Sale) let me show you this really adorable bikini top: With an interesting black and white pattern, topped with some little zebras here and there, I thought it looked pretty nice. It is a halter neck and is the perfect kind of bikini top you’re wanting if, like me, you’re a big sun lover and enjoy getting a tan. The original price of this gorgeous bikini top was £7.99… I got it for £1!!! New Look were definitely in my good books yesterday. I got a new bikini top & a summer crop top all for just £2 – goodness, I spend that on my bus fare! 

After New Look, I made my way to Tesco. I am a massive fan of the F&F active wear (however I only ever purchase anything if it’s in the sale). These leggings cost me £5. They were originally £16 so I was extremely pleased.  I can’t wait to wear them to the gym and have an intense work out in them. I know they will be of incredible quality as every pair of gym leggings I have purchased from F&F have served me well (and are still going strong, even after all I put them through with my workouts)! 


Lastly, I bought these wee beauties out of F&F, which were also in the sale. I’m a sucker for a sale item – I’m sure you can tell. These were half price, at £2, and you can’t go shopping without picking up a pair of underwear – can you? Perhaps it’s just me. I know I don’t actually need anymore but I just love, love, love having a drawer full of different styles and colours. They are so pretty to look at. I’m excited to add these polka dot numbers to my collection. They are silk at the front and mesh at the back. Lovely jovely! 
So, £9 down and 4 pieces of clothing up. Are you one of those people that spend £9 on one top, or one skirt etc? Are you surprised what you can actually get for £9 if you have a thorough look around? Are you also a bargain hunter? I’d love to hear from you. 
Until next time
Charlene McElhinney
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Fishtail Pleat


Yesterday was such a busy day for me but I surely enjoyed it.

Last week, I wrote 5 blog posts in total, and I felt so satisfied and pleased with myself for doing it. So, what better way to ensure that I’m feeling relieved and content with myself this week? Of course: Lots of blogging.

Today I want to focus this post merely on my fishtail pleat (which you may or may not have noticed in the picture above). A fishtail pleat is a type of braid; pigtail; pleat or whatever you might call it. Firstly, I just want to say that on your first time doing it – please do not get annoyed at yourself if you find it slightly tricky. It is a very intricate thing to do and you must be rather pedantic when you are first trying to get the hang of it. However, once you have got used to doing it; it should be a pleasure to do on a rushed morning (or if you’re going to the gym, like me today, and want to do something different with you hair).

When I wanted to learn how to do it, I popped on to the old faithful ‘YouTube’ to see how it was done. All the girls in the videos were so perfect and made it look so damn easy that I got so infuriated (cursed a bit, had a tantrum, took a deep breath) and then tried again. This time, I tried it without the video and I found this less patronizing. I took my time with it and yeah, I’ll admit, I may have talked to myself quite a bit whilst I was getting it done – but I got there in the end. I actually began to find it quite therapeutic when I discovered what I was doing. If I had of been able to watch myself, from someone else’s point of view, whilst I first attempted to try the fishtail pleat – it would have been priceless.

In order to do the fishtail pleat you should divide your hair into two even sections. One being the left piece; and the other the right. The first thing you should do, once you have done this, is take a thin strand of hair from the left section- pull it up and across – from the left section. (I’m not sure if this is sounding rather complicated but I can assure you it really isn’t). The hardest part, for me, was getting used to holding the different sections without dropping them and losing my place. After you have pulled the thin strand away from the left section: Tuck it in under the right. (This now becomes part of the right section). I hope you guys haven’t lost me yet; perhaps I should have made a video to explain this for you. Once you have done this, gently tug on the two sections to tighten them. Afterwards, you take a thin strand from the right section this time and you pass it across to the left, tuck it under,  and this now becomes a part of the left section. Again, give it a little gentle tug. Then take from the left, move to the right, tuck under and so on and so forth. Keep alternating sides until you reach the end of your hair. Stick in a hair tie, bobble or elastic band – whatever floats your boat or whatever you have nearby. I always try and find a smaller bobble to finish off the look.

I hope that I haven’t absolutely annoyed the life out of you by confusing you and making it sound so damn easy; I whole-heartedly agree that as a beginner, there is nothing worse, than someone making it look easy. But trust me, it is just that! Stick at it, practice, practice, practice! It is such an elegant and pretty look. People always compliment me and ask me how I done it and assume that it is difficult – and time consuming – but it really ain’t. 
Give it a try! (and be sure to let me know how you get on).
Tomorrow I will be posting a haul of the items I bought today (all of which were BARGAINS). Everyone loves a bargain! I spent £9 and I got 4 beautiful items: A halter neck bikini top, a yellow designed crop top, a pair of amazing gym leggings & a cute set of underwear. Not bad for £9, eh? Most people spend that on one item. So watch this space! There will be a new post tomorrow!
Until next time
Charlene McElhinney 
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25th of April 2016

Hello, lovelies! 

The past couple of days I have been such a busy bee doing lots of blog related things. I have been organising and hosting chats for my very own @CBeechat Twitter page and I also guest hosted on the #fitbunnieschat on Sunday evening (which was a pleasure). Organising, maintaining and self promoting your blog is very time consuming; I take my hat off to everyone else who does it on a regular basis.

I am absolutely loving hosting my own chat and watching it grow and seeing more and more people get involved – the kind and wonderful comments I have been receiving since I started my #beechat have been so heartening. I find it absolutely overwhelming and amazing how friendly, supportive and encouraging the bloggers are to one another on social media. I have been blogging for months and months now and I’ve only just discovered the blogger community and began chatting and interacting with other bloggers – it is so important and beneficial that you do this – you won’t regret it.

I have had such a hectic day; It has been non stop. I can’t wait to just relax and be with my own thoughts. I just thought I would do a quick blog post as I like to keep it as updated and refreshed as I possibly can.

I just want to congratulate @sunshinesarahxo on her win today in my very first giveaway (which ended today at 4pm). I shall post her lovely prize out to her first thing tomorrow. I will be hosting another giveaway soon so watch this space!

I am eager to start doing reviews, hauls and all other kinds of exciting things in my blog (as well as continuing and maintain my lifestyle posts). I want to offer variety and write about a bit of everything.

Until next time
Charlene McElhinney

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23rd of April, 2016.

Welcome back to my blog! In today’s post I want to share some of the events and catastrophes that happened on my night out last night; when I went out for some drinks with my friend (Lozza).

We made our way into Glasgow, town, where we were planning on spending our night together. We had travelled in by bus and were planning to walk from the bus station to the venue that we were going to for some cocktails. By the time we arrived at the place we were going to, we sauntered up the bar, and stood patiently waiting to be served. As we chatted over the loud music and stood close by one another – trying to take in and get used to our surroundings – someone came over to serve us. We ordered two candyfloss cocktails (which were absolutely delicious, by the way) and we stood there thiristily waiting for our first cocktail of the night. Suddenly, our night seemed to plummet from positive to negative as I opened my bag to find that all of my money was missing: The money that I had lifted for my night out was all gone. I stood there shocked and began to panic. In my head, I retraced and recollected my steps from the bus station to the venue, there was no way that I had misplaced the money or dropped it at any point. No way. Someone had been in my bag and stolen my money – which was all in notes and rolled up together – it would have been easy for someone to pinch. I just never imagined in a million years that someone would have the audacity to sneakily make their way into my bag and take what was mine (just as well my iPhone was in my hand as that could have been robbed too). I imagine that whoever did it was well trained in doing something so wrong so subtely. My friend never noticed; Neither did I. I was wearing one of those bags that go over your shoulder and down your side. This was my first time ever using one of these bags and I really thought it would be much safer than my usual antics (stuffing all my money down my bra). I think in future I shall stick to doing this to be honest- it has never failed me!

My friend and I did not let this ruin our night. We decided just to stay at the Venue we were in (which is known as ‘The Social, Glasgow’) and continue our night as we had planned. I couldn’t help but feel agitated about what had happened but I did not want to dwell on it all night and let it turn our planned night sour. We sipped on our cocktails and chatted away for ages. Eventually we got up and danced a little (once we had started to feel a little more comfortable). Once we started dancing; we could not stop. We were in a little world of our own. It felt as though it was just us on the dancefloor, in that room, but it wasn’t. After a while, our feet became unbareably sore, especially Lozza’s. We decided to take our shoes off together and just dance and embrace the moment. (The amount of dirty looks other girls in the Club were giving us for having our feet out was unreal). I just want to say, though, these girls that were giving us dirty looks for dancing the night away and thoroughly enjoying ourselves – were clunking around in massive heels that they could barely walk in (never mind dance in) and each and every one of them looked miserable. I may have had my shoes off and looked like an utter eejit but who had the better night?

For the rest of the evening, Lozza and I didn’t even bother to drink anymore alochol – we were on the tap water for the majority of the night. It was nice to just spend time together, dancing, sober as a judge – and not letting anyone or anything ruin our evening together. Another positive outcome from this was that I woke up hangover free, yay, it’s a win/win.

I’ve spent the day with my boyfriend today, chilling out and eating rubbish, the way Saturday’s should be spent (however I am feeling extremely guilty about all the junk food I’ve ate and definitely need to get my ass in gear this week and hit the gym big time).

Today, on my twitter account for my blog, I hosted my first ever GIVEAWAY. I plan on doing lots of fun and exciting things with my blog in the near future and I want to get as many people hooked and captivated by my blog as possible. Recently, I thoroughly enjoy reading other Blogger’s posts. It’s intriguing to see everyone’s individual and unique style. I wonder if I have that?

I’m going to try and promote my giveaway tonight and get people involved. I love when people get involved with my blogs; I can’t describe the fascinating feeling that it gives me. So if you fancy a freebie and want to try and win some goodies every so often – go on to Twitter and follow my @blogabtnothing1 account and see my pinned posts. My current giveaway started today and ends on Monday, 4pm. Get involved, guys!

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and I look forward to hearing about what you all got up to over the course of this weekend.

Stay safe (and watch your bags at all times – I learned the hard way).

Until next time
Charlene McElhinney

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21st of April, 2016: Thursday.

Hi guys! 
I was feeling pretty rubbish today and just wanted to sit in my room and be in my own company however the sun was scorching (and it’s not very often that we get two good days in a row in Scotland) so I thought I should go and make the most of it. I went to the gym but my heart wasn’t in it at all; the gym was empty, the world was my oyster, but I just wanted to go home. So I did. I spent the rest of the day in the garden with two of my favourite people: My Parents. Mum and Dad love when I spend quality time with them. It was a really pleasant day. I think I’ve caught a bit of sunshine as I can feel my face burning (hopefully it turns to tan)! 
Tonight, I am hosting my first ever ‘Blogger Chat’ on Twitter. I’m really enthusiastic about it and I’m looking forward to it so much but I’m also extremely nervous and uptight incase it doesn’t go to plan. Fingers crossed. I have planned it all out and I’m just hoping that it all runs smoothly and people get involved. There were several people showing great interest yesterday which makes me feel really hopeful. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m hosting it tonight on my new chat page @Cbeechat at 9pm-10pm. You can hashtag #beechat and get involved. I love the Twitter chats. They are an excellent idea for bloggers to get to know one another but also beneficial to those who just want someone to chat with – everyone is always so friendly.  So feel free to come along and contribute if you’re at a loose end or you’re even the slightest bit interested – it will be fun.
After hearing such awful news yesterday, I have been feeling a bit all over the place (mentally) today. I’ve tried to keep myself busy and keep my mind occupied – that’s why I went to the gym. I want to keep doing positive things and make sure I am looking after myself and remaining strong for my family. It’s important that I do. 
I hope you have enjoyed the sunshine, for those of you that had it. It’s nice to look out the window and see some sun for a change! 
Until next time
Charlene McElhinney
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