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Good morning! I’ve been up since 3:30am and I am suprisingly awake for first thing on a Monday morning. I thought I would do a blog post to start off my day – however it is a bit different from my usual posts. Over the course of the weekend my boyfriend and I watched 8 really brilliant films and so I thought I would pick a few of my favourites, from these 8, and write a blog post about them. 

The films that we watched were: Interstellar, Wreck it Ralph, Starred Up, 71, Unbroken, The Conjuring, The Deliverance and The Selfish Giant. Each of these movies were all absolutely tremendous in their own way however the 3 that I have chosen to write about stood out to me the most. 

 Starred Up: This film was released on the 21st of March, 2014. The protagonist, Eric (played by the famous actor Jack O’ Connell) was a very convincing and strong character. I was totally hooked throughout the whole film. Starred up tells the story of a 19 year old boy who is extremely violent and aggressive and because of this he is sent to an adult prison instead of a Young Offenders institution. Whilst doing time in prison (and being mischievous and causing trouble) Eric stumbles across his Father who he has not seen since he was 5 years old – when he was put in to care. His Father, Neville, is a notorious individual in the prison. He is the ‘henchman’ of the prison leader. Eric’s Father begins to feel the need to try and look out for Eric in prison and wants to control him. Perhaps he feels as though because he missed out on being a Father figure in his childhood he has to make up for it now? Eric caused mayhem at the beginning of the film and because of this, a Voluntary therapist wants to work with him to try and help him change his ways. The Deputy Governor does not believe that this is feasible. Throughout the film, Eric’s antics make you laugh, hold your breath and feel sympathy towards him. He is a very troubled boy who evidently has not had a great upbringing. He is given one chance to try and improve his behaviour. Starred Up is truly an incredible film. I highly recommend that you watch it and see for yourself.

Unbroken: Again, another magnificent film starring the actor Jack O’ Connell. After watching Starred Up I did not think that there was another film that could beat it; I think Unbroken did just that. Unbroken has a duration of 2 hours and 17 minutes so it is a long one but I guarantee that you will not regret it (if this type of movie is your kind of thing). It deals with mainly the theme of war: After a very traumatic plane crash during the war, Louis Zamperini (An Olympian), is left stranded out at sea in only a raft with two other men. They spend 47 days out at sea, fending for themselves with what they can to survive, and keeping one another’s spirits up as much as possible. They try and keep faith as much as they can however the begin to feel doubtful as the days go on. Eventually, a ship arrives, but it is not the rescue that they had hoped for – it is the Japenese Navy who have captured them and send them to a prisoner-of-war camp. Louis endures several beatings and is picked on by one of the very loathsome and corrupt prison guards who repeatedly reminds them that “they are the enemy and will be treated accordingly”. It is a very intense film and it is one that I believe will keep you on your toes – it certainly did for me. It is a true story and is one that leaves you thinking even after the film has finished. 

The Selfish Giant: This film, for me, was very tender and moving. It is a Drama however I do believe that it is rather comedic at times as the protagonist, Arbor, has a quirky and bizarre personality. I liked Arbor. His family (and the family of his only friend) live in abstract poverty. They receive abuse at school and are tormented and bullied because they are not wealthy and do not dress well or have very much. However, I admire Arbor as he does not let these people bother him and he stands up to them. Although he is a trouble maker at school and is not in the least bit interested in an education he is eager to make money to help his family. He begins finding scrap metal and taking it to a Scrapyard where he is given money in exchange for his findings. He becomes involved with a local scrap dealer (and criminal) which inevitably is not going to end well. This film is emotional, heartwarming and sensitive. I do not believe the title does the film justice though (but that’s just my opinion). What a remarkable film though; I highly recommend it! 
So that is my summary of three really outstanding films that I think you should check out. Often, when we are bored, we  sit for ages looking through films and try and find something to our taste and liking. Sometimes it is better for someone just to recommend a film for you to watch; those are usually the best ones! If you find yourself watching any of the films I have recommended and want to leave your opinion then feel free to do so. I would be interested! 
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