I have just finished writing an entry in my journal. It was a very brief piece of writing as I wanted to do a blog aswell tonight. To be truly candid, I feel as though I have fallen between cracks, I feel somewhat lost inside. I want to try and explain this feeling but I can’t quite find the words. 
I have this thought currently in my mind: Isn’t it a shame the amount of words that are left unsaid in our lives? It is plausible that on a daily basis an individual probably has a thought or a feeling that they keep to themselves instead of sharing it with someone else. When someone we love is gone, we always ask ourselves why we didn’t say this or why we didn’t ask that; we constantly beat ourselves up about the things we wish we had said or things we should have told them. I also believe that everyone is guilty of keeping their opinions to themselves these days – even if that means making someone else feel better about themselves. For example, if you are standing behind a lady in the queue and you like her shirt that she is wearing or you quite like the colour of her nail polish, why not tell her? I guarantee this would put a smile on her face and probably make her day. If someone goes out of their way to compliment you then that is a good thing. Is it not? I am also guilty for keeping things to myself. That is why I like blogging and religiously writing in my journal as it allows me to express myself and be as honest as I want to be.  
I also found myself thinking tonight about people. It is a strange world that we live in. I was wondering how it is that we become friends with the people that we do; how we have family members who we would not give the time of day to; how we pass people in the street who went to school with us, who we seen every day, yet we do not say hello and how a stranger can walk right on by you and both of you may not know yet but one day you will be a vital part of one another’s lives. It really is a crazy world we live in, when you think about it. It’s interesting though. I think about it a lot. 
Since I have been posting my details at the end of my blog posts, I have had people messaging me asking for advice and telling me I’m doing really well and to keep it up (and things along those lines). I just want to say it means a lot to me and I find it so heartening and encouraging when someone takes the time to do this or simply turns to me for some help. I am always eager to speak to people who read my blogs and always willing to chat or answer any questions someone may have after reading my posts. I find it important to engage with my readers – I just wanted to put that out there! 
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