And so it is Saturday. A day in which we usually do something fruitful and productive; something fun and exciting. I have spent my day mainly with my own thoughts. Over the past couple of days my mind has been racing non stop (which is common for me, but I mean it is racing more than the usual). I have been having these new thoughts recently that I can’t seem to relinquish thinking about. They are constant. I wish that my head would rest. It would just be so lovely to wake up one day and have a placid state of mind.

I want to try and keep this blog post as positive as I can (and keep all the negativity for my Journal – which I have been keeping up to date a lot more regularly). Someone told me this week that I have immense potential and that I should be feeling good about myself. They told me how I should be sharing photos of myself and flaunting the progress that I have been making at the gym. I am not one to blow my own trumpet or feel good about myself – ever – but I guess they have a point. It is interesting to take photographs of yourself frequently and then compare these photos and watch yourself ‘blossom’. I guess it is good to give yourself credit sometimes too. It is also nice when other people notice a difference in you and they compliment you and you feel as though your efforts are being acknowledged. So perhaps I will continue to take progress pictures and share them on my blogs.

I was at the gym every day this week; I pushed myself to go even when I really wasn’t feeling up to it. When I’m there, I find myself in this frame of mind that no words can really describe, it is extraordinary. I even went to my first ever ‘Body Pump’ class with two of my friends and we worked so damn hard at that class together. It is something I could never have done if my friend hadn’t of coaxed and encouraged me in to going along with her. I’m glad she gave me that push. The thought of ever attending a ‘class’ at the gym terrified me. The thought of entering a room – with a busy bunch of bodies filling the room, each and every one of them all knowing what they are doing – and then there’s me. It frightened me. But I did it. I had my two friends by my side and I knew that they were probably nervous too (especially because we had been positioned right at the front of the class). But I did it. And I am profoundly proud of myself for doing it – I felt like I had achieved something afterwards.

Recently I have been feeling grateful and appreciative for the parents that I have been so lucky to have been blessed with. I believe there is so much that I want to say about them and so this would be a whole other post in itself (which I will get round to) but I just wanted to put that out there. I am indebted to them for being so incredible. They really are.

I also wanted to say how pleased I am with how well my blog posts are doing. Recently, I have had strangers sharing and commenting on my posts – it’s just a marvelous feeling to be honest. I have also been gaining more ‘followers’ on some of my social media sites. I think it’s so intriguing how people are interested in my life and enjoy reading my posts. It’s unbelievable!

As always, I shall leave my details at the bottom.
Have a great weekend!

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