The Beginning of a New Week.

I’ve had a rather productive Monday – if I do say so myself. I went to the gym and I had such a great workout followed by a trip to Tesco to buy in some healthy food. Eating healthy is always something I have struggled with; I am such a terrible and fussy eater it is unreal. However I want to work on that and start trying new things and coming out of my comfort zone when it comes to food (well, when it comes to everything really). Tonight I had a salad and I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I never thought I would see the day that I thoroughly enjoyed eating a salad – I was so pleased with myself. I actually look forward to eating a salad again (which isn’t something you hear often from people). 

What did you get up to over the weekend? It was reasonably nice here (for Scotland, anyway) and so my boyfriend and I decided to go out a drive in the car. We found ourselves at the other side of Scotland after a few hours of driving and enjoying the scenic views. It was relaxed and pleasant and the sun was shining; I felt so at ease. Often it is the simple things in life that we struggle to fully appreciate. As my boyfriend drove  through a variety of different places, I was able to unwind and just admire the beautiful views that we passed by. It was wonderful. I would say it was also very therapeutic: Sitting as a passenger in the car, listening to my favourite music, with my other half whilst we travel through some truly wondrous places. Scotland is such an incredible place. There is so much to see. 

I have nothing planned for the week ahead. My goal is to try and stay as motivated as possible and keep myself in a positive and healthy frame of my mind; If I can do that I will be quite happy. I also want to continue working out and going to the gym whilst pushing myself, that little bit more, to maintain eating healthy or at least watching what I eat. I do believe that plays a vital part in getting fit so I need to step it up a little and try harder. 
I do realise that I have fell away from posting ‘outfit posts’ and ‘bargains’ and such. I just feel as though I am always in my gym gear at the moment and I’m not sure many of you would be interested in that sort of thing. However, I shall get back into it soon. 
I hope you have an enjoyable and fruitful week. 
Until next time! 
Charlene McElhinney
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