My First Blogger Chat

I’ve been so excited since last night to write this blog post. For once, I’m feeling optimistic and hopeful. Let me tell you why: 
For the first time since I started blogging, I participated in a number of ‘blogger chats’ last night (on Twitter). A Blogger Chat is basically an opportunity for bloggers to converse with one another, share ideas, give each other advice and to support one another. Last night I was overwhelmed by how friendly and kind the other bloggers were. I have to admit: I was so nervous about the thought of ever speaking to another blogger. I believed that my blog was inferior and that it wasn’t as advanced as the others – to me, my blog is just an online journal. Why would other’s pay any interest to my blog? Well, I received so many lovely comments last night following my first ever blogger chat. Everyone was just so polite, friendly and eager to chat. It was a wonderful experience. As a result, I believe I have become addicted to these blogger chats, I’m constantly thinking about when the next one will be and which topic it will be tonight. In fact, I really want to host my own blogger chat. I have lots of ideas. I fear that nobody would participate in my chat though so perhaps I should wait until my blog is more advanced – like the others. The only thing is, most bloggers seem to know what their ‘thing’ is. Wether that be beauty, fashion, lifestyle etc. My blog is just a bit of everything. My blog began purely because I wanted to open up about my Depression and Anxiety; I wanted to try and make people understand how I was feeling on the inside. I wanted to use words to convey the girl I had become because of Depression. That was my reason for starting blogging – I am so glad that I did it. With the result, I blog regularly about anything and everything. If I am out and about, on a daily basis, I constantly see things that spark ideas in my head and I automatically say to myself ‘That would be ideal to share in my blog’. I love blogging. Speaking to other bloggers and becoming a little more aware of the blogger community was a very enjoyable experience and I plan on continuing to participate in these chats (and hopefully, one day, I will host my own – I’m so ready to start it now!).


In this life, there are no two people that are the same. That is what makes us all so special and individual. Do you ever think about why you are friends with the people that you are? And why you feel certain ways about other people? It’s a crazy world we live in. We are all so different; so unique. And I love it. If we were all alike then the world would be pretty boring, right? I often wonder if people can sense my personality through my writing (I would love to think they could). Many people use writing to express themselves – I know I do. Words help us connect with people. Words make us feel. Personally, I want my writing to be as true to myself as I can possibly be. I enjoy being open and discussing my personal life on my blog as an opportunity for people to relate and to get to know me. I also plan on beginning to take my blog a bit further, and more seriously, by doing lots of other exciting and new things. I have many ideas and I can’t wait to put them into action. 
I hope you have all enjoyed a more optimistic blog from me (for a change). As always, I’ll leave my details at the bottom of my post for you to keep up to date with me on any of the social sites you use. 
Until next time!
Charlene McElhinney
Instagram: charlenemcelhinney
Twitter: @blogabtnothing1 @mcelhinneyxx

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