19th of April: Tuesday.

Today I decided that I would make a Facebook page for my Blog Posts so that if anyone wants to contact me via direct message or just wants to keep up to date with my blogs – they can do so throughout this page I have created. I already have a Twitter account for my blogs (which is going really well) and of course you can follow me on my Instagram account too or drop me an email, should you wish to contact me. 

I’ve been giving a lot of thought, over the past day or so, about Blogging. I want to take it a lot more seriously and do so many different things; I have many ideas that I want to utilise and put into action. Last night, my boyfriend and I created a ‘header’ type thing for my blog to make it more personal and more ‘me’. I believe it defines me so well. It’s simple but effective. I’m really pleased with it (so thank you to my man for using his technical abilities to help me create my ideal header for my blog). Every evening, I will spend so much time either blogging, doing a bit of planning and jotting down ideas or editing my layout of my blog. Like I said, I have an abundance of ideas all going through my head, I can’t wait to share them in my blog over the next few months. I want to become a bigger part of the blogger community and get to know other bloggers. I believe it’s important to connect with other bloggers and offer one another support and encouragement. By doing so, it can fortify your own blog too because they will do the same in return. If you haven’t already read my previous post: It was all about Blogger Chats on Twitter and how much kindness and respect the bloggers have for one another. You should definitely give it a read. 

 Leggings: F&F clothing (Tesco Active Wear) Sports Bra (eBay) Shoes (They were a gift from my other half!) 

I spent the whole day at the gym today. I went at roughly 12pm. To be honest, I was feeling really dispirited today and I just wanted to spend the day in my bedroom (probably planning for blogs and writing on my journal) but I pushed myself to go along. I managed to get a good hour of working out done before my friend Megan popped in, with her friend Lisa. Suddenly, our mutual friend Gina turned up too – so there was 4 of us. We all encouraged one another and showed each other different things (it felt like more of a social meeting than a fitness workout but we did get loads done). We kept one another’s spirits up and we chatted loads whilst we all did our thing. It was such a lovely day; I thoroughly enjoyed myself. After going to the gym I felt 100 times better than I did before entering so it was a fruitful and enjoyable day. 
I love when the gym is this empty. You can mess around on some of the things that you would never go near and you can push yourself that extra bit more (you don’t need to worry about people judging you for the grunts or strange noises that you make when you’re going that extra mile). Or is that just me? You can forget about people watching you – which is something I constantly worry about – and you can just get on with it. I have never been to any other gym apart from the one that I currently go to: The Tryst (in Cumbernauld). The staff are super friendly, attentive and they could not be more helpful if they tried. It’s a great place to go to work out – it’s a great place to be in general. 
I hope that you have all had a pleasant day. Feel free to share your happenings with me if you please, I’m eager to chat and hear about your day too. 
Until next time
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