20th of April 2016.

Well, today has been an emotional roller coaster, that’s the only way I can describe it. My day had started off extremely well: The sun was beaming and the birds were singing. I had sat out in the garden, on my Gran McElhinney’s Swing, and I was writing out ideas for my Blog and taking notes etc. It was nice to sit out in the sun (for a change) and do some writing. It’s very seldom we get the sun in Scotland! My cat sat with me, in the sunshine, everything seemed to be going alright. Unfortunately, I received some terrible – awful – dreadful news; I found out that someone very, extremely, close to me has Breast Cancer. It came as a total shock and it hasn’t really sunk in yet. I’ve been reassured that it has been caught early and that it is only small – but it’s the word, isn’t it? Cancer. It sends shivers down our spines. My heart broke when I heard those dreaded words, the tears came and I felt so helpless. I was told that everything is going to be OK and I’ve to be strong. For anyone who knows me, I’m a very strong individual, I never cry. But this person is so important to me and I never thought she would have to go through anything like this. It breaks my heart. All I can do is be strong – and pray that everything goes well. 

My plan today was actually to share my latest purchase with you which was a purse from River Island. I think I’m just going to go ahead with this post even though it has started off really personal, so that I can finish off on a positive note. 

When it comes to purses, I never usually buy them for myself. Usually a purse is something I receive as a gift (I’ve always thought it was bad luck or something to buy a purse for yourself – or is that just an Old Wives Tale?). However, seeing as nobody had bought me one in a long time, I decided it was time to go out and get myself a new one, my current one has seen better days – if you know what I mean. My friend works in River Island and so I thought I would grasp this opportunity to get myself a discount. Why not? This pretty pastel purse in baby blue originally costs £16 however I managed to get it for just under £10. That wasn’t bad, eh? It has a part for you to put notes in and it zips shut; It also has a bit for all of your cards and what not which clicks shut. It’s perfect. 

I haven’t got round to putting all of my stuff in yet (it is going to take me a while). I am one of those people that collect cards from every store I go into it: Bonus cards, Reward cards, Point cards etc. So I hope there is enough departments for me to fit my collection of cards in!
I don’t really have much else to share with you all tonight as I’m feeling a bit all over the place. I just wanted to stick to my word and make sure I try my best to blog daily (if I can).
So, until next time
Charlene McElhinney
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