23rd of April, 2016.

Welcome back to my blog! In today’s post I want to share some of the events and catastrophes that happened on my night out last night; when I went out for some drinks with my friend (Lozza).

We made our way into Glasgow, town, where we were planning on spending our night together. We had travelled in by bus and were planning to walk from the bus station to the venue that we were going to for some cocktails. By the time we arrived at the place we were going to, we sauntered up the bar, and stood patiently waiting to be served. As we chatted over the loud music and stood close by one another – trying to take in and get used to our surroundings – someone came over to serve us. We ordered two candyfloss cocktails (which were absolutely delicious, by the way) and we stood there thiristily waiting for our first cocktail of the night. Suddenly, our night seemed to plummet from positive to negative as I opened my bag to find that all of my money was missing: The money that I had lifted for my night out was all gone. I stood there shocked and began to panic. In my head, I retraced and recollected my steps from the bus station to the venue, there was no way that I had misplaced the money or dropped it at any point. No way. Someone had been in my bag and stolen my money – which was all in notes and rolled up together – it would have been easy for someone to pinch. I just never imagined in a million years that someone would have the audacity to sneakily make their way into my bag and take what was mine (just as well my iPhone was in my hand as that could have been robbed too). I imagine that whoever did it was well trained in doing something so wrong so subtely. My friend never noticed; Neither did I. I was wearing one of those bags that go over your shoulder and down your side. This was my first time ever using one of these bags and I really thought it would be much safer than my usual antics (stuffing all my money down my bra). I think in future I shall stick to doing this to be honest- it has never failed me!

My friend and I did not let this ruin our night. We decided just to stay at the Venue we were in (which is known as ‘The Social, Glasgow’) and continue our night as we had planned. I couldn’t help but feel agitated about what had happened but I did not want to dwell on it all night and let it turn our planned night sour. We sipped on our cocktails and chatted away for ages. Eventually we got up and danced a little (once we had started to feel a little more comfortable). Once we started dancing; we could not stop. We were in a little world of our own. It felt as though it was just us on the dancefloor, in that room, but it wasn’t. After a while, our feet became unbareably sore, especially Lozza’s. We decided to take our shoes off together and just dance and embrace the moment. (The amount of dirty looks other girls in the Club were giving us for having our feet out was unreal). I just want to say, though, these girls that were giving us dirty looks for dancing the night away and thoroughly enjoying ourselves – were clunking around in massive heels that they could barely walk in (never mind dance in) and each and every one of them looked miserable. I may have had my shoes off and looked like an utter eejit but who had the better night?

For the rest of the evening, Lozza and I didn’t even bother to drink anymore alochol – we were on the tap water for the majority of the night. It was nice to just spend time together, dancing, sober as a judge – and not letting anyone or anything ruin our evening together. Another positive outcome from this was that I woke up hangover free, yay, it’s a win/win.

I’ve spent the day with my boyfriend today, chilling out and eating rubbish, the way Saturday’s should be spent (however I am feeling extremely guilty about all the junk food I’ve ate and definitely need to get my ass in gear this week and hit the gym big time).

Today, on my twitter account for my blog, I hosted my first ever GIVEAWAY. I plan on doing lots of fun and exciting things with my blog in the near future and I want to get as many people hooked and captivated by my blog as possible. Recently, I thoroughly enjoy reading other Blogger’s posts. It’s intriguing to see everyone’s individual and unique style. I wonder if I have that?

I’m going to try and promote my giveaway tonight and get people involved. I love when people get involved with my blogs; I can’t describe the fascinating feeling that it gives me. So if you fancy a freebie and want to try and win some goodies every so often – go on to Twitter and follow my @blogabtnothing1 account and see my pinned posts. My current giveaway started today and ends on Monday, 4pm. Get involved, guys!

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and I look forward to hearing about what you all got up to over the course of this weekend.

Stay safe (and watch your bags at all times – I learned the hard way).

Until next time
Charlene McElhinney

Instagram: charlenemcelhinney
Twitter: @blogabtnothing1 @CBeechat @Mcelhinneyxx

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