£9 Bargain Haul.

Good afternoon, lovelies. 
As promised, and requested, here I am today: Ready to share my bargains with you from yesterday. I spent £9 and managed to get 4 amazing items of clothing that I am willing to share with you.  I am the ultimate bargain hunter and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m more than happy to share my bargains with you on a regular basis (so make sure you watch this space)!

This cute little yellow peplum crop top was from New Look. It is super comfortable and of excellent quality; made of 95% cotton and 5% Elastane. I spotted this in the sale as soon as I walked in to the store – it was in the ‘less than £3’ rack, near the front. I immediately made my way to it (before anyone else got the opportunity to) and I picked it up. The RRP on this lovely little number was £9… I got it for £1!!! I thought: This will look absolutely stunning with a pair of denim shorts in the summer! And I was not wrong. I dressed this £1 crop top (from New Look) up with a pair of old denim shorts that I purchased from Forever21 ages ago; I would probably finish the look off with a pair of white converse. And there you have it. Cheap & cheerful 🙂
 Moving swiftly onwards (and sticking to the incredible New Look Sale) let me show you this really adorable bikini top: With an interesting black and white pattern, topped with some little zebras here and there, I thought it looked pretty nice. It is a halter neck and is the perfect kind of bikini top you’re wanting if, like me, you’re a big sun lover and enjoy getting a tan. The original price of this gorgeous bikini top was £7.99… I got it for £1!!! New Look were definitely in my good books yesterday. I got a new bikini top & a summer crop top all for just £2 – goodness, I spend that on my bus fare! 

After New Look, I made my way to Tesco. I am a massive fan of the F&F active wear (however I only ever purchase anything if it’s in the sale). These leggings cost me £5. They were originally £16 so I was extremely pleased.  I can’t wait to wear them to the gym and have an intense work out in them. I know they will be of incredible quality as every pair of gym leggings I have purchased from F&F have served me well (and are still going strong, even after all I put them through with my workouts)! 


Lastly, I bought these wee beauties out of F&F, which were also in the sale. I’m a sucker for a sale item – I’m sure you can tell. These were half price, at £2, and you can’t go shopping without picking up a pair of underwear – can you? Perhaps it’s just me. I know I don’t actually need anymore but I just love, love, love having a drawer full of different styles and colours. They are so pretty to look at. I’m excited to add these polka dot numbers to my collection. They are silk at the front and mesh at the back. Lovely jovely! 
So, £9 down and 4 pieces of clothing up. Are you one of those people that spend £9 on one top, or one skirt etc? Are you surprised what you can actually get for £9 if you have a thorough look around? Are you also a bargain hunter? I’d love to hear from you. 
Until next time
Charlene McElhinney
Twitter: @blogabtnothing1 @CBeechat

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