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                     GUEST POST:  @sunshinesarahxo 🙂

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Behind Writing Rambling!
Hello there!!! Thanks so much to Charlene for having me on her Blog! I do love writing guest posts!! I thought I would use this opportunity to tell you a bit more about Writing Rambling – my baby!
I started my blog in April 2012 when it was called ‘iwantthisrightnow’ as I started it as a place where I wanted to share all my outfits from an online game I was playing called ‘Fantasy Shopper’. I then started sharing more fashion posts of my own posting the ubiqutous ‘changing room’ selfies as well as generally taking photos of outfits I’d see in shops as well as shoes I liked! This worked for a while but I was wanting to share more beauty posts so I changed it to what it is today – ‘Writing Rambling.’ I then got more involved with the online blogger community and would be easily influenced by them if there any bargins to be had or any ‘must buys’ like the big Soap & Glory Christmas Box that comes out every year. It was good content for my blog but not so good for my bank balance or my mental health actually. Looking back now I could see I was slowly sliding into depression as I was also getting disillusioned with running my own business. I hadn’t yet decided I was going to Australia so I was spending all my money on beauty items I didn’t even need!
I blogged right up until I went to Australia in February of 2012 with my last post being about a prize I’d won from the Marie Claire advent competition! (
It went quiet for 22 months until I picked it back up in December of 2014. I found the blogosphere had exploded whilst I’d been away and became a little sad because I wondered how I’d get my blog seen! >.< I needn't have worried though because as soon as I took my twitter off 'private' I found a whole community I had missed out on communicating with!
One of the first things I did upon returning was to buy my domain!! I used Go Daddy simply because I’d seen the adverts and trusted them to help me out if I got stuck! I was successful in installing this myself because of Matthew’s help on Go Daddy live chat as well as finding blog posts from Dana from The Wonder Forest and Lucy Cynthia which both helped me tremendously!! I’ve since been able to help out other bloggers with my own post which just goes to show what a wonderful community it really is! (
I’ve recently bought the ‘.com’ so that even if you type in the wrong domain you will get re-directed to my site! This was easier because I’d already installed the ‘’ and also because I had help from a really lovely lady on twitter called Fiona (@WishHopeDreams). She also helped me out with installing a new template on my Blog!! She still continues to help me today and I simply don’t know where I’d be without her!!!
I absolutely love my blog and everything that comes along with it! Hopefully one day I will get to meet my twitter friends because I feel that some of them have become more than online friends. It is a great community to be a part of and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Starting my 2 new series (#MeetTheBlogger and #SmallBiz) has allowed me to meet so many more bloggers and small business owners. I absolutely love finding new and emerging online businesses and featuring them on my blog, there’s nothing better in my opinion and I feel as bloggers we have a duty to them to support them instead of the big boys out there! I’ve also meet so many bloggers since starting my #MeetTheBlogger Interview Series. I have actually partnered with Pick a Blogger for this and couldn’t be happier! It’s opportunities like this which simply wouldn’t happen otherwise.
I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit about me and my blog! I’d love it if you left me a comment and told me how/why you started and if you’ve gone through any changes with your blog!?!? Feel free to follow me on social media, I’m very active on Twitter!
Thanks to Charlene for having me on her beautiful blog!! Here’s to more guest posts!!

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