The thought of making videos.


I have had a really productive and fruitful day at the gym; I’m in a really positive mind set at this moment in time (compared to the past few days where I have been thinking rather negatively and letting everything get to me). It’s time to stop. I need to suppress myself from letting other people get to me so much. I am a worrier. I worry about worrying – that’s me. But I don’t want to anymore. I have all these goals and ambitions in my head and I’m letting silly small things hold me back from doing anything about them. I need to give myself a shake.

People have been asking me recently to start doing ‘YouTube’ videos. I have been asked to do ‘Vlogs’ (which is a video diary of anything really: You just talk about whatever the hell you want and that is the beauty of it). I don’t really think I have the confidence yet to start taking and sharing videos but I will get round to it one day. Several years ago I used to take videos of myself singing and playing guitar and share them on social media – even if I could get back in to doing that I would be pleased with myself (however it has been absolutely ages since I picked up a guitar or properly sang – I’m not counting my shower karaoke sessions here guys!) I have also been asked to take workout videos because as you may, or may not, know: I am a lover of going to the gym and exercising. I’ve been receiving messages front, left and centre asking me what sort of workouts I do and what sort of things I am eating etc and I guess it would be nice to start sharing that with my readers. I know that if I start taking videos and sharing them on the Internet that I most definitely will receive some nasty and negative comments – I need to mentally prepare myself for that. I’m still really vulnerable at the moment and extremely sensitive so I don’t want to push myself too much and end up regretting it. People can be really insensitive and hateful sometimes. I guess my problem, at the moment, is that I care far too much about what other people think. I know it has to stop. I know it is preventing me from making the progress I want to. I am going to start taking little ‘snippet’ videos to get me used to being in front of the camera and to gradually get me into taking videos. So watch this space! Here is the first little snippet video from me doing some squats at the gym today with a kettlebell: – If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me!

My boyfriend has been an absolute star recently: He has been helping me with the layout of my blog and he has been doing a wonderful job! I am so grateful. If you would like to leave me some feedback about the layout of my blog that would be incredible and very much appreciated. As you know, I lost ALL of my comments I had ever received on my blog posts (and all of my +1 on Gmail) because I changed domain so any new comments would be really really wonderful. 

I have so many ideas for blog posts and twitter chats! I can’t wait to share them with you all.

I have been getting to know lots of other Bloggers via my lovely #beechat every Monday 5-6pm GMT and Thursday 9-10pm GMT. The Blogger Community is absolutely marvelous and I am so glad to be a part of it – I can’t believe how long I have been blogging for and yet I have only recently discovered this part of blogging. It’s fascinating! 

I have lots to do tonight and so little time to do it so I am afraid I will have to love you and leave you. Until next time,

Charlene McElhinney





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