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I have a few things I want to brush on in today’s blog post: I’m just going to briefly tell you what I will be writing about. Firstly, I will be talking about my first ever experience wish a LUSH product – which was the notorious and in demand: “The Experimenter”. I will also be telling you about my first time trying a ‘Krispy Kreme’ donut (so many people were surprised that I had never had one before). I also want to share with you what a hectic few days I had throughout the week and how I managed to lose my iPhone in Asda and my bank card  in Tesco. Oops. I also want to congratulate the winner of my giveaway which ended today and lastly I want to share with you a little bargain I picked up (as you all know, I love a bargain). So, let’s begin:

As you can see, The Experimenter is very vibrant and pleasing to the eye; not only does it look good: It smells absolutely phenomenal. I am a huge lover of bath bombs however this was my first time ever trying out a LUSH product – as soon as I opened the box upon delivery – I was impressed. It looked inviting and colourful, the smell was heavenly and I could not wait to drop this in the bathtub and see what it was capable of. Wow. It did not disappoint. It was the most enjoyable bath I have ever had (I don’t think another bath will ever live up to this one – unless all LUSH products are as wonderful as this). The Experimenter burst in to an unimaginable sea of colours. I was fascinated. As I relaxed in the bath I was surrounded by swirls and whirls of purple; yellow; blue; orange; pink; red  and possibly some more colours – the pictures speak for themselves – it was magical. I even took a short video to share my experience with you. Do I recommend The Experimenter from LUSH cosmetics? Yes I do. I also have the intergalactic bath bomb (which I am yet to try) so watch this space! 

Whilst I’m on the topic of ‘first experiences’ let me tell you another thing I tried for the first time ever: Krispy Kreme Donuts. On Friday, I discovered that a few Tesco Branches have began selling the original Krispy Kreme Donuts so my friend and I popped in to have a look. It was mobbed. Everyone seemed to want one; I had to know what all of the fuss was about. I picked up 3 donuts for my boyfriend and I to try – as he had also never had a Krispy Kreme before. I purchased a chocolate brownie one, a raspberry jam one and a Reese’s peanut butter (I think). They were delicious. I’m glad I have finally tried one and I look forward to their new Nutella one coming out soon – that is more like my kind of thing!

Wait until you hear what happened to me at Tesco whilst I was in getting my donuts… 

On Thursday, I was in Asda, helping my mum out with the shopping. I currently have a lot going on at the moment and lots on my mind so it’s fair to say I was extremely stressed and not entirely thinking straight. What did I do? I only went and lost my phone in Asda. I rushed back into the supermarket – all flustered and panicking – luckily someone had handed it in! I was absolutely relieved. Thank goodness there are still some genuine and considerate people out there. I’m just grateful that it wasn’t the wrong person that got a hold of it. Thank you kindhearted person for doing the right thing. Then Friday came along: I’m in the store, buying donuts, my mind is full of things that I hadn’t done this week, should be doing, things that are happening and the ways I’ve been feeling. What happened? I lost my bank card. What are the chances? One day you lose your phone and the next you lose your bank card. I swear I would lose my head if it wasn’t attached with the way things are going at the moment. It was a contact-less card I had so I was worrying like mad that someone would get a hold of it and use it. As soon as I discovered I had lost it, I called up the bank and got it canceled. Luckily nobody had used it. Moral of the story: Please learn from my mistakes and make sure you look after your belongings at all times – even if you’re just in your local supermarket doing a bit of shopping.

Moving swiftly onwards, I’d like to congratulate @_OliviaCheryl on winning my GIVEAWAY on Twitter. Thank you to all of those who participated and better luck next time! 

 These lovely, basic, French Manicure false nails cost me £1 today from Primark. They are easy to apply as you just glue them on! They were cheap and cheerful – they look the part – you can’t really complain, can you? I love finding bargains and sharing them with you. 

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