May Update!

I haven’t wrote a blog post in 4 days; It feels like an eternity. I thought I owed you guys an update to let you know what I’ve been up to. 

My boyfriend had a couple of days off work. The weather has been absolutely phenomenal here in Scotland this week: It’s safe to say we spent a good few days enjoying the sunshine while it lasted. We didn’t go out anywhere or do anything exotic or worthy of writing about – we simply sunbathed in the garden and enjoyed one another’s company. It was bliss. I also had the opportunity to try out my new camera (Canon IXUS 170) and so I was sauntering around the garden taking photographs of things. My boyfriend’s mum bought in lots of ‘goodies’ for us to have yesterday evening. We had a BBQ and some Cider and it was such a pleasant evening. Unfortunately, I have found myself suffering from sunburn, so I need to take it easy if the weather continues the way it has been so far this week – but hey, it’s Glasgow, it is feasible that it could end up snowing tomorrow…

I wanted to tell you a few of the things I have been doing recently. As you may know (if you are a regular reader of my blogs) I created a thing called #beechat after participating in my first ever twitter chat just a few weeks ago. I had never been part of the blogger community before: it amazed me how supportive and friendly everyone was being to one another. I had to make my own chat. And so I did. I had no knowledge or experience; I simply threw myself in the deep end and I began self-promoting and advertising my chat. I was absolutely overwhelmed and heartened by the response I received. It has been becoming more and more popular and it genuinely means so much to me. I put a lot of effort and enthusiasm in to my chats and it is wonderful to know other people enjoy and appreciate it. (For those of you that want to join in on #beechat and see what all the fuss is about, simply hashtag beechat on a Monday 5pm-6pm or Thursday 9pm-10pm GMT and you can get involved). Another thing that I have been organising via my personal blog twitter account (@blogabtnothing1) and my #beechat account (@CBeechat) is ‘snail mail’ between bloggers. I have been helping other bloggers get to know one another via hand written letters. I have been collecting addresses from some lovely individuals and pairing them up with other bloggers to enable them to write to one another at their leisure. So many people have been getting involved. I never expected it to be so popular. I’ve been a busy bee – pardon the pun. I have been writing letters myself and sending them off to people; I’ve also received a number of beautiful letters from some really fabulous people. I have been loving every minute of it.

Obviously, with organising all this, and being so busy: I haven’t been blogging as regularly as I had planned to several months ago. I wanted to blog daily, at one point. It’s nice to be getting involved in all of these different things, though, and I always aim to blog at least twice a week.

For a while now, my Depression and my Anxiety has kicked in pretty bad, I guess I was trying to hide it away and push it to the back of my mind: I realise now that this is NOT the right thing to do. I don’t want to go back into it too much however I just wanted to let you all know because it’s been a while since I wrote, in depth, about my Mental Health. It is something I really want to do, and something people have been encouraging me to do, so I shall. I have plenty I want to get off my chest. Just not now…

It’s hard to hold yourself together. It’s exhausting pretending to everyone that everything is OK when it’s not. It’s horrible when you smile but really inside you want to sob and weep. It’s hard. 

If you want to drop me a comment, and get involved in the letter writing project, or just want to chat: You are more than welcome to do so. I love hearing from you guys.

Until next time
Charlene McElhinney




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