My brother’s 21st

Hello, you lovelies. 
I thought I would write a quick blog post about my outfit that I wore to my brother’s 21st party (as I received some very sweet compliments from quite a lot of people – thank you, thank you, thank you). 
The dress I was wearing was actually a last minute decision. I had changed my outfit about 7 times – I’m not exaggerating. I was doing a ‘fashion show’ for my friends so they could help me decide and I spontaneously changed literally 20 minutes before we left the house because my friends persuaded me to wear this red one. I purchased this little red number from eBay for £8 all in (including delivery). You can’t complain about that, eh? It was super duper comfortable and made of excellent quality material so I was very pleased with it. I danced in it all night long and I have absolutely no complaints. Thank you eBay. My shoes were a purchase from Amazon UK and those little beauties cost me roughly £23 in total. Now, that is a hell of a lot for me, I am usually a total bargain hunter and the majority of my clothes – and shoes – cost me less than £10. However, I thought as it was a special occasion, I would treat myself. I’m glad I did; lots of people loved my shoes and kept asking me where I purchased them from! So there you go, guys, the good old faithful eBay and Amazon never let you down. I love online shopping! 

I got my hair and make up done by the fantastic Michelle Barr at Fivestarbeauty Cumbernauld. Michelle is also a great friend to me and I would always recommend her to anyone who wants to feel glamorous for a night out. What do you think? 

Here’s a photo of my brother, my mum (in the green strappy top) and my dad and of course, my fabulous auntie Ann Marie – with the short blonde hair. These 4 people are all so special to me. We have been through a lot this year after losing my precious Gran McElhinney (who I missed severely at the party) and we have all had to remain strong together and be one another’s rock. I don’t think we could have got through it without one another. My mother, the wee soul, has to go in for an operation tomorrow morning. I’m so worried about her: We found out a few weeks ago that she has Breast Cancer. Tomorrow morning she is going to go in and hopefully have it removed. It is day surgery – so I pray that she is able to come home afterwards and rest in her own bed – I will be sure to let you all know how it goes. Keep her in your prayers tonight, please. 
Well, angels, I think I am going to wrap this up here as I am typing this from my phone and my battery is rather low. I hope you all have a pleasant Sunday and an easy week ahead! 
God bless you!
Until next time
Charlene McElhinney 

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