Mini Haul & Update

Good evening! 🙂

Today I purchased a few things and my lovely Twitter followers voted on a poll saying that they wanted me to do a haul: So here I am. I also wanted to give you an update on how my mother got on at the hospital yesterday as I know many of my followers have been concerned about her! 

Mum is back home and the operation went as well as it could have. Luckily she was able to come home last night when dad and I went to the hospital at visiting hour; she was very eager to get home to her own bed! Thank you all for being so supportive yesterday. It was such a long and hectic day. I’m glad the hardest part is over and done with now and it’s important that my mum rests as much as possible for the next while (so I’ll be running around looking after her). I’m sure she will make the most of it! 

One of the things I purchased today was a foundation brush from eBay. It cost me £2.95 and will be here within the next 2-3 days. I actually haven’t worn liquid foundation in ages but I plan on starting (so any suggestions on a fabulous liquid foundation would be highly appreciated). I guess I thought it was important to have the brush before the actual foundation, silly me. 

Next, I treated myself to a new felt eyeliner. I have taken quite a liking to felt eyeliners as it’s bit like using a pen (and I’m a lot better at writing than I am applying make up) so I thought I would push the boat out a little bit and buy myself a good one. Previously I have bought cheaper ones and they have sufficed but I wanted to get a really good one (also so I could blog about it). I got this Kardashian Beauty midnight black deeply felt eyeliner from TK Max: It cost £3.99. The RRP is around £6 or something (TK Max is always good for a bargain)! I will be sure to let you know my thoughts on it once I have tried it out..

This bright pink/coral padded sports bra cost me £4.50 from F&F active wear. Tesco is always my ‘go to’ for gym wear at the moment – and I keep discovering such amazing bargains (which is always a bonus). I really look forward to wearing this. Especially when I have a tan as I just know this will compliment it! 

Again, another F&F buy! A very cute active sports vest with mesh at the sides and the straps! Originally cost £12 but I got it for £8. I tried it on in the shop and it was very comfortable so I look forward to ‘sporting’ it at the gym. Do you see what I did there?..

I also purchased a deodorant, 8 cans of sugar free Irn Bru – for my mini fridge and a baguette today. (I know that’s not what people want to read about so I shall not be taking pictures of these and writing about them). Ha ha! 

I hope you all had an easy Monday yesterday and if you have any suggestions on decent liquid foundations please do let me know!

Also, be aware that I am hosting a GIVEAWAY on my Twitter account @blogabtnothing1 which ends this Saturday at 00:00. See my pinned tweet on how to enter! 

Until next time
Charlene McElhinney


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