Beechat & JohnRdToVolChat collab

The blogging community is a wonderful family to be part of if you know where to go and connect with like-minded others and blogging chats are the perfect opportunity.  
Blogger chats as it says, are a networking tool for bloggers of all niches to come together and to share what they love most; blogging.  
Newbie bloggers, experienced bloggers and everyone in between connects via a question and answer format, providing the creative energies to flow through one’s mind to their fingertips, showcasing what it means to be an individual. 
Both Charlene and I regularly participate in a variety of chats and we’re also hosts of our very own chats. We thought we’d share with you what our chats are all about, the importance of choosing the right chats and our top 5 blogger chats (in our own opinions)  

I’m Charlene McElhinney and I’m very excited to be discussing blogger chats in this post with the lovely @JohnRdtoVol. Both of us host our very own Twitter chat and yet they are each entirely different in their own unique way. My chat is called beechat. I picked this name spontaneously and I immediately liked it because it was short, sweet and simple (for me, I wanted to keep it short as Twitter only lets you have 140 characters per tweet). I began my beechat roughly 4 weeks ago. I participated in my first ever chat and I just HAD to host my own. With no experience or knowledge about Twitter chats; I went ahead with it – and it went amazingly! Beechat is not about any particular subject – it varies constantly – we have discussed topics such as Pizza, Blogs, Friendship, Money and many other things. I have also previously had a few guest hosts (who approached me and asked if they could host) this was also a success! Beechat has actually only been running for almost one month now and I am overwhelmed by the support and engagement I have had so far. With 368 followers and my own ‘beechat snail mail’ project going on – I think I am doing pretty well. 

John: Many of you will know, my chat is #JohnRdtoVolChat – creative right? Not being aware of any other volunteering specific chats around, I decided to create #JohnRdtoVolChat for charities, volunteers and everyone interested in the voluntary sector to come together into 1 place. Blogger chats have also intrigued me in a way, that the freedom of speech takes forefront of the questions and discussions presents themselves in a way that diversifies the chat.  

I didn’t even know chats existed until a year into writing my blog, so when I wanted to do more for the voluntary sector, I decided to take the plunge and lead the way in digitalising communications onto one platform. 3 weeks in the chat and many have featured all around the world, connecting in a way we’re able to learn from other cultures, yet still bring together our passion for volunteering. The chats are always in sync with one another and continue in a similar theme on a week to week basis. I am about to bring something new to the chats in a few weeks, but you’ll have to watch this space to find out.  

Charlene: I believe my chat is different from John’s as his focuses on mainly volunteering, sharing stories and appeals to charities and volunteers etc. In saying this, JohnRdtoVolChat also opens doors for people who have considered volunteering and helping out and don’t know the first thing about it. Beechat doesn’t have a specific ‘target audience’ to be candid. The topics vary so much that 
anyone can participate (if you are keen on the topic). I guess our chats vary because JohnRdtoVolChat has a niche whereas beechat is spontaneous and totally random.   

John: Beechat to me is very different to #JohnRdtoVolChat as like Charlene has said, it’s the topics which make us far apart. #JohnRdtoVolChat has it’s own niche and is very specific to its target audience, but this signals the differentiation between chats and why it’s important to understand what works and what doesn’t. Beechat is more open in terms of topics used, and it highlights many chats are more about friendships and life, whereas #JohnRdtoVolChat is much more of a professional cha where we discuss how we’re going to make a difference in society in a collaborative way. I say this, but beechat is one of my favourite chats to participate in, and I don’t put it down to the participants, I put it down to Charlene. Charlene to me is one of the best hosts out there and in time her warm personality will be known by the whole community. 

Charlene: I think Twitter chats are an excellent way to meet people, to promote your posts and to connect with other bloggers – and other people in general. There are numerous chats on Twitter now; some of which have the same theme every week (such as fitness, animals, beauty, etc) and you have some, like beechat, that cover a range of topics alternating and changing every single week.  
I have been blogging for several months and I had never been a part of the blogging community until I participated in my first Twitter chat. It’s an incredible thing to be a part of and even better to host! I think it’s crucial to get involved in Twitter chats if you are a blogger because it is just such a wonderful opportunity – you would not want to miss it! I wish I had done months ago. 
Personally, my favourite Twitter chats to be a part of (not including beechat or JohnRdtoVolChat) are: 
#Latenightbloggers (run by @teaisfortina)  
#misfitbloggers (run by @daintyaliceblog)  

John: I agree with Charlene; 
#fitbunnieschat is also a favourite of mine 
And lastly…. watch this space! Charlene and I are working together to create a brand new chat!   

These are our thoughts about Twitter chats and I hope you’ve enjoyed our collaboration today and I want to thank Charlene personally for putting up with me so much and for writing this blog with me.

I hope you have enjoyed this ‘collab’ with @JohnRdToVol – let me hear your thoughts below! Until next time
Charlene McElhinney







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