Trying Out Scheduling Posts

Hello my lovelies.

Recently I have been experimenting with ‘scheduling’ posts, tweets and status’ (and the like) across all of my social media platforms. It was not something that I had ever really given much thought about. However, jumping on the bandwagon, as you do: It seems to be the thing that everyone is trying out nowadays. I guess the old saying goes that you can’t knock something before you try it – so I am testing the water at the moment.

In the long run, I do believe scheduling and becoming more organised will be extremely beneficial for me. Especially seeing as I start college in September. I never want to fall away from blogging – ever. If I have a heavy work load with college stuff then I can plan ahead, schedule my blogs and make sure that I am still putting out content for my lovely followers and readers of my blog. Happy days.

So far, I have been using Hootsuite, Buffer and Blogger (for scheduling my actual blog posts). Hootsuite and Buffer are both websites (and are also available on the App Store – I believe) which allow you to plan in advance what you want to go live on your Social Media on certain days, times etc. It’s all very fine and dandy however it is going to take me a bit of time to get used to. But I’ll get there; slowly but surely.

I will be sure to let you know – perhaps in a couple of weeks time – how I am getting on with these scheduling websites.

Do you schedule posts? If so, what things do you use? Have you had the chance to try out the ones I’ve mentioned in this post?

I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time
Charlene McElhinney


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As it approaches the launch of John and I’s (Charlene) #motbloggers, I am filled with excitement, enthusiasm and eagerness.
I think Charlene straight away took the words out of my (John) mouth. We’ve been talking about this for some time now, and have mentioned in a few tweets about the launch with a specific page on John’s Road to Volunteering.
Why did I choose Charlene to co-host #motbloggers with me? Why not?! Charlene to me is one of the best chat hosts out there and she’s only been doing it for a short period of time. It’s an absolute pleasure to launch #motbloggers on July 9th with her by my side.
Charlene 2 Anyway…
This chat is giving people a chance, every single week, to motivate themselves for the week ahead, for life, for things they struggle with and various other aspects. All dealing with the subject of ‘motivation’, it is also an opportunity to motivate other people. We can bounce off one another, help and advise one another and share our thoughts, feelings and experiences.
Personally, my (Charlene) aim for this chat is to have a positive and fruitful discussion, with hopefully lots of lovely individuals, and for people to leave after the chat feeling motivated, refreshed and optimistic.

IMAG0659From my (John) perspective, I’m going to bring a darker look into motivation, utilising our past to motivate our future and to bring a feeling of ‘Wow! Look at how far I’ve come since ?? and what I’m going to accomplish in the future.
We’ve decided to host this chat every Saturday night at 8pm – 9pm (BST – UK Time) and we’ll take it in turns with hosting (you’re getting the best of both worlds).
Along with Charlene’s flattery (another reason why I’m looking forward to working with her), we both already host our own chats and have our own communities.

Charlene 3 Every week, twice a week, I (Charlene) host #beechat, a friendly and active community in which I am immensely proud of and John hosts a chat every week based on volunteering, but covers other things too, sing the hashtag #JohnRdtoVolChat.
Both chats are completely different from one another so we will each be bringing something different and exciting to #motbloggers.

IMAG0705 To leave you with a taster of what #motbloggers is all about, think about the name. ‘mot’ is a shortened version of motivation, but it’s also the abbreviation for M.O.T.
Imagine your car undergoing its M.O.T and the result. (Yes I’m comparing bloggers to cars)

Charlene 4 When we have our dark days, we question, check and over-analyse our lives. Once the checks and over-analysing is over, the outlook is different. Our mood is different.
#motbloggers is the next step post over-analysing and your tool for enlightening the small part of your brain attempting to fight the dark days.
Charlene and I (John) will be there every week to not only give you the opportunity to use your over-analysing to good use, but to be the middle man/woman in unleashing your potential.

IMAG0919_BURST001 We all have potential at the end of the day, but sometimes we need a boost to get us going. #motbloggers is more than your M.O.T, it’s your chance to have a voice, to inspire and to prove to you that your path is right in front of you.
Obstacles and barriers are going to be broken and your future is about to open up.
Join us on Saturday 9th July @ 8pm BST (UK time) to launch the most influential blogging chat around.
Charlene will be hosting on the 9th, so keep an eye out for the topic and we’ll see you there.

Written by  Charlene and John
Pictures owned by both parties.


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An Awful Experience with an Agency.

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while. It’s been playing on my mind – agitating me – so tonight I thought: I’m not holding back anymore. It’s time to get this off my chest.

Basically I was misled, roped in and made a fool out of by an ‘agency’. An agency in which I put my money, time, trust and hopes in to. Out of ‘respect’ and because I am not spiteful or wanting to cause a fuss, as such, I will not state the name of this company, agency or whatever they like to call themselves. I will however tell my story of what they done to me as I’m curious to know if anything like this has happened to anyone else before.

I was enticed by this agency by the opportunity they were offering me. They had emailed me regarding a service that they provided: Basically you go, you meet them, they take your photos and you pay a £65 deposit to them – which they guaranteed me I would make back – easy. They apparently offer you the chance to go on set and be an ‘extra’ in soaps, adverts etc. This all appealed to me. I was extremely excited about all of this. But where on earth would I get £65 from? At the time, I wasn’t earning any income at all. My parents were struggling. I had nobody to turn to. A few weeks later, mum handed me £65 and told me to go for it. That she would not let me miss this opportunity. I knew how much money this was to my parents and I was very grateful; I was certain I would be able to pay them back after I had started getting opportunities to go out and be an extra, model etc. I was wrong.

I attended this ‘open day’ type thing where I had my photographs taken and I was allured by all of the information they were giving me about how I would have the chance to go do this, go do that, yada yada yada. I was feeling so hopeful – so good about myself – so motivated. I paid my £65 to them and left that day feeling on top of the world

One month went by and I contacted them, telling them that I still had not been contacted. One week later they offered me a ‘job’: Well, they asked if I was interested to text them back, which of course I did immediately. I heard nothing back. I contacted them again and they told me it was no longer available. Maybe next time, I thought. One month later, I received a text, they had given me the most exciting text ever with the most wonderful opportunity (for me, anyway). It was right up my street, literally so close to home and I met every single requirement. This is it! I promptly text them back telling them how eager I was to have this part. They never responded. Weeks went by, and I got a bit fed up to be honest, was I not good enough? Have they forgotten about me? I sent them a message – just letting them know my availability (which was genuinely 24/7) – told them I was really keen on getting a chance to go out on set. I mean, I had their social media page, I could see the opportunities other people were ‘apparently’ getting. Why not me?

One month later, after still not making any money or even been given one opportunity, I contacted them. I told them I was changing my mobile number and would they update this on their system. I never heard from them. I sent it again. Nothing. I contacted them via their social media page – they read my message – and totally disregarded it. I thought maybe they were just busy but they never replied. I was truly gutted. From the bottom of my heart. This was something I wanted more than anything, at the time, and it would have done me the world of good for my confidence. Instead, it just knocked it and set me back.

After 1 year, I decided to leave them a negative review on Google as I was completely and utterly disappointed with their ‘service’. I was quite within my rights to do so, too, as I had paid £65 to these people for absolutely nothing. I gave up my time, travelled away in to their open day, to be let down. My time – my money – wasted…

Ironically, after this review, I received a text from these people: To the new number which they had never once contacted. Ridiculous. They asked me to take down the review. Not a chance. I couldn’t believe it. They were not long in taking my money, ignoring me at every opportunity and making me feel as though I wasn’t good enough and yet, the minute I leave a bad review, they contact me right away. I don’t think that’s right. Do you? Am I over-reacting? I felt so deceived. I felt like an absolute fool. I wish they would give me back that money. I do. It’s a lot of money to take from someone for nothing. But I guess I’ll just have to learn from this experience. Sometimes, life is a long preparation for something that never happens. I guess what is for you; won’t go by you.

So, yeah, that’s it in a nutshell. That’s what happened. My twitter followers were really intrigued about this as I had once put up a short tweet (less than 140 characters) talking briefly of this experience…

Now that you’ve heard the whole thing, what do you think? Were they wrong? What would you do? How would you feel?

I’d love to hear your responses.

Until next time
Charlene McElhinney


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Good News!

Hello my lovelies. Tonight I am in an exceptionally good mood which is a rarity these days. Let me firstly tell you why I’m on a ‘high’ and then I’m going to quickly tell you what I’ve got going on this week – as something very exciting (but nerve-racking) is happening.

Tonight, I received a direct message from a company telling me they were sending me something out as a treat. As a blogger: This is very exciting news. It’s always lovely to be acknowledged for what you’re doing. Receiving, what we in the blogging community call ‘blogger mail’, is a very rewarding and thrilling moment and so of course I am absolutely ecstatic at the moment.

Another fabulous thing that happened to me to put me in such a fabulous mood is that I won my first giveaway on Twitter and I shall be receiving a very wonderful little prize throughout the week from the lovely @foodandbaker. Speaking of twitter – I just hit 700 followers on my blog account which I have only been using properly for under two months; this is such an amazing achievement for me and this has added to my sensational mood.

Furthermore, my #beechat seems to be continuously growing and growing and receiving such an overwhelming and incredible response every single week. It genuinely means so much to me. Something I created is really doing so remarkably well and I can’t help but beam with pride. Also the #beechat snail mail project has almost 50 people involved and this seems to be becoming more and more popular too. I can’t believe the support and encouragement I have been receiving lately. I’m so grateful.

Now, I guess it’s time to share with you what is going on with me this week. Some of you may (or may not) know that I am starting a college course in September 2016 in the Creative Industries for Proffesional Writing. When I applied, I never truly believed I would be secured a place, but I was. Time has flew in and it really isn’t long until I start. This Thursday: I have been invited along to an ‘open day’ kind of thing. This will allow me the chance to meet my lecturers, previous students who have done this course and possibly some of the people that are going to be starting with me in September. The nerves are real. What if nobody likes me? What if I ain’t good enough? Is everyone else there going to be better than me? Will they be judging me? What if they’re horrible to me or don’t want to talk to me? This is just some of crazy thoughts that have been running through my head since I received the email during the week. I’m extremely nervous about it and getting myself all worked up – probably over nothing – but I can’t help it. So wish me luck guys! I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes, of course.

Until next time
Charlene McElhinney


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Box Swap with Siobhan

The excitement for typing this blog post is real.
I am going to be writing about all of the lovely items I received in my box from Siobhan (@sparkledust13): A fellow blogger in whom I have befriended via Twitter. We got talking and decided we would do a ‘box swap’ with one another; this entailed that we agreed on a ‘budget’ and began buying one another surprise gifts to fill up the box. Both of us had no clue what to expect to receive in our boxes – which made it all the more exciting!

Firstly I received this adorable card with my box (which I thought was a lovely gesture). It stood out right away as it had my name written in bold colours on the front and cute stickers attached to it. The message written inside was lovely too. The rainbows had my heart though; I’m a sucker for a rainbow. It was such a sweet card and I believe it is from ohhdeer.com (if you want to check it out).

As I began taking my items out of my surprise box – I was genuinely like a kid at Christmas. I love the whole unexpectedness. The first two things I want to share with you are my Zoella products (which I have actually never had before but I’ve heard lots of positive things about). When I seen the pretty packaging I was fascinated – especially by the ‘soap pop’, soap on a stick, I’ve never seen anything like this! I can’t wait to use these products and let you know what I think of them.

Next, I fished out a scented spray because I noticed it was from Avon and I have not had anything from Avon in such a long time – I used to be a massive fan of their products. I was so pleased when I noticed it was a scented spritz spray in passion fruit and peony fragrance. This is exactly the scent I would go for if I was buying something for myself – you know me so well, Siobhan! There was also 2 face masks included in my box which is fabulous – I love a good face mask! One is an argan oil mud mask and the other is a very berry one: I’m very eager to try these out. I also received an intimate purifying cleanser which I can’t wait to try out. I love all of my lotions & potions so I’m very glad I have some new things to experiment with.

Furthermore, the wonderful Siobhan threw in some beauty products for me too! I received an NYX butter gloss and a stunning lipstick. I am buzzing to try out the NYX butter gloss as this is actually my very first NYX product: I regularly hear beauty bloggers bang on about how amazing NYX is – so I guess Siobhan has introduced me to a whole new world! The lipstick is so pretty that I am scared to use it. I just want to gaze at it in wonderment and put it on show in my room somewhere for people to see… I shall try it out some day if I have something exciting coming up!

As if this wasn’t enough, I was presented with 3 yankee candles and 6 rather big tealight candles in vibrant holders: I was blown away. I am such a big candle lover – but I never fork out for yankee candles – so it was lovely to receive them as a gift. The tealight candles are ideal for when I’m having a nice relaxing bath: I look forward to placing them gracefully around my bath tub whilst I soak, with a mud mask on, with my Zoella products – goodness, the life of a Queen!

In addition to this, Siobhan even provided me with some goodies! Lollipops, Parma Violets (my favourite) and some loveheart sweeties. So that is my Sunday night munchies sorted.

Lastly (yes, there is more) she gave me a beautiful pink and white polka dot scarf. It’s very pretty and I guess I can also use this as a background for taking photos with – and I can wear it too – yay.

I just want to wrap up this post by thanking Siobhan for all of the beautiful items she sent out to me and for all the thought and effort that went into her box. I was thoroughly pleased with every single item I received. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Siobhan will be posting on her blog throughout the week about all of the items she received from me and when she does I will be sure to leave the link here. For now though, you should definitely check out her blog and see some of the other incredible things she posts! For example, yesterday she posted a video doing a room tour and it was glorious! You can also follow her on Twitter at @sparkledust13.

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it, something different, right?

Until next time
Charlene McElhinney

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My first singing video on YouTube

Good Evening, my lovely lot.
Do you ever have a moment where you feel on top of the world: And suddenly you feel absolutely miserable? That’s exactly how I feel right now.

Not to worry, this post is of positive news! Yesterday, somehow, I plucked up the courage to upload a video of myself singing on to YouTube. I know right? I sang a cover of the song Bubbly by Colbie Calliat. If you want to watch this video then you sure can by clicking here: Please do let me know what you think (either by commenting directly under my video or at the end of this post). Every single comment is highly appreciated.

At 9pm tonight, I am hosting my Twitter Chat (#beechat) which is on every Monday 5-6pm & Thursday 9-10pm (GMT). It seems to be continuously growing and growing which is just wonderful. I would never have dreamed that I could create my own little community in which people respect and support me constantly – I can’t possibly thank you all enough.

I don’t have much else to say tonight, guys, I just wanted to let you all know that I had uploaded my very first singing video on to my YouTube account. I can’t wait to hear what you all think.

Until next time
Charlene McElhinney


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My Anxiety & Depression

Today I was having a ‘down’ day: I’ve been having a lot of those lately. I think, for me, the worst thing is the thought of ever going back to that dark place I once found myself in.

Slowly, but surely, I lost myself. I’m currently doing everything in my power to find myself again and feel like the girl I once was. When I was diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety – I genuinely did not think I would ever escape it (I still don’t know if I ever will). In saying this, I have found ways to combat it and try and live with it as much as I can. I have good days; and bad days. When I’m having a ‘good’ day, it’s almost as though it’s too good to be true. And then the bad day comes down on me like a ton of bricks. Like today.

The thoughts. The overpowering oppressive thoughts are there constantly like a shadow in the sun. They never leave me; they never fade. It’s a case of me battling and fighting them every day, without fail, inside my head. It’s exhausting: I’m exhausted. It drains the life out of you.

Nowadays, on social media, I see constant claims of people suffering from Anxiety, Depression and the like. It’s crazy. In this day and age, why is this happening? Why are we all falling apart? I want to talk in detail about some of the ways that I have tried to overcome my Depression and Anxiety – and some of the things that have helped. If I can help at least one person then I will be very glad.

Medication: This may not be for everyone, I am fully aware of this, it wasn’t for me either at first. But I needed it. I tried to come off it once and I realized just how much it was helping. It won’t be forever – but for the foreseeable – it is a baby step to help me get through day-to-day life. I’ve been on anti-depressants for well over half a year now. My doze has been put up twice and I guess I do rely on it most days. Sometimes, I wish I didn’t. I’m a 19 year old girl – why has it come to this? I always ask myself. I just need to keep reminding myself that I’m better off with it for just now and that it will not be forever.

Exercising/Going to the Gym: Exercise is the most potent and underutilized anti-depressant. When I go to the gym – I let my mind run free – I work up a sweat and I try so hard to just embrace the moment and let it all out. It really does help. It was my counsellor that advised me to start going to the gym: I was too nervous – I’d never worked out before. She coaxed me in to it and even came along to my induction until I started going with a friend. I am so glad that I joined the gym; I’ve found somewhere that I can go and just let it all out. It’s a hobby now too – and therapy.
Psychology/Counselling: This was something I was extremely tentative about going to. My doctor referred me and I just never thought that my mental health was this seriously needing help – but it did. Going to these sessions at first was the most nerve-racking thing ever. After a while, I got used to going, I looked forward to going. It was a place I could go and be myself, speak freely without being judged and I was praised and encouraged weekly for the smallest insignificant things that I had managed to do that week. These sessions have helped so much. I would recommend to anyone who is suffering from Depression, Anxiety or any other mental health issue to ask their doctor if they can be referred. It might just be the best thing you ever do. I am no longer at Psychology as my psychologist has moved on elsewhere now but I still attend counselling every few weeks and do the exact same thing to try and continue the progress that I was making with Julia, my psychologist.
Seeking Help: I suffered in silence for far too long. I always kept a journal and that was the only place I ever admitted that I wasn’t ok. After 6 months or so, maybe even more, of not leaving the house and feeling constantly down and beating myself up – my friend noticed, my boyfriend noticed and my parents noticed and so I was coaxed into going to the doctors. Thank you so much to these people for being there for me and making me go as it was the right thing to do – I just wish I had done it sooner,

Surrounding yourself with the right people: When you go through something as difficult as this; you realise who your true friends are. I had a ‘close friend’ publicly humiliate me on social media for suffering with Depression and trying to be open and speak out about it through my blog (just like I am now) and that set me back and hurt me more than words could ever explain. I had someone question why I smile in photos if I suffer from Depression (totally ridiculous, I actually wrote a blog post in response to this way back at the time). I am fortunate enough, now, to have a small group of the most wonderful, supportive and encouraging friends, a wonderful boyfriend, an incredible family AND the most magnificent blogging community which I am blessed to be a part of. Each of these people have been a very huge part in my recovery – without these people I would never have made any progress. I am indebted to you all – and you know who you are.

There are some other ways that I try and overcome my Depression and Anxiety but this post is getting rather long and so I may do a follow up (a part 2) of this post soon. I just want to say that I don’t think I will ever get rid of my Depression or my Anxiety – it’s too severe. My goal is to learn to live with it and try my very best not to let it control my life – the way I let it before. I will keep going to the gym, I will keep blogging and writing to my hearts content, I will continue to be the best friend, daughter, girlfriend etc that I can be and I just hope that in time I can learn to love myself.

I don’t want to hate myself every day. I don’t want to feel inferior. I no longer want to live my life like this. But by opening up, I pray that someone can relate to me and take some comfort from my words, and this alone would bring me great joy.

Until next time
Charlene McElhinney

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